Monday, April 20, 2015

Interplanetary Pet Selling Business

With pets coming back into Entropia Universe I have new idea for business in the game. Not that there aren’t shops that sell pets in the game, but my idea is to have shop on every planet and sell pets from every planet, different rarities and 2 or 3 levels. Probably lvl 1, lvl 7 (you can spawn it on foreign planets at lvl 7) and lvl 20 or something.

I won’t get rich but I will make few dollars that way and also have reason to travel to every planet. I can play a month on planet Calypso taming and training pets then Planet Arkadia then planet Cyrene. That way I will get fresh animals for sale and also restock my shop while I am on the planet.

And with that travel I can also do some of the new space transport missions when they are implemented in the game. Killing 2 rabbits with 1 shot as they say.

In the shop I can also sale whips needed to tame new pets, brushes to make them happy, nutrio bars to feed them and petting outfits if you want to look as an animal tamer. Last month I probably gave more than 100$ for food for my pets, so there are money to be made selling nutrio bars.