Wednesday, April 29, 2015

CDF Priority Mutant Alert on Planet Calypso

Analysis of surveillance camera feeds and satellite images has enabled mapping of mutant activity.

CDF has compiled a list of areas who are most affected by the increased hostilities on the continents of Eudoria and Amethera. CDF Intelligence has cleared an intelligence map from Eudoria for release but can not as of this moment do the same for Amethera.

Colonists wishing to assist in repelling these mutants are encouraged to travel to the locations listed below.

Meanwhile, CDF Intelligence and CDF Special Forces have dispatched joint teams to investigate the cause of this rise in mutant activity.

/Major Ushakov, CDF”

List of locations (global coords) and types of mutants:
  • 87608, 94864 Feffoid
  • 79230, 87699 Maffoid
  • 75557, 93130 Feffoid
  • 62233, 88147 Maffoid
  • 68452, 79014 Feffoid
  • 21737, 39179 Mulmun
  • 38619, 42271 Mulaak’f
  • 31723, 55777 Muluk-Hir

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