Friday, March 13, 2015

Planet Cyrene March 2015 VU Preview

Hey guys,

Kris here again with the March 2015 Planet Cyrene VU Preview!

I'd like to start by congratulating all the players that have helped contribute to our Dynamic Upgrades that add perks for playing and being in your favorite Cyrene areas. For this VU we've got 3 areas that have upgraded to level 1:

Great Plains: New Mang Chang and Rhino Beetle Maturities
Mer Beach: Additional Merfolken Gladiator Maturities
Turrelion Desert: Additional Living Vortex Maturities

Here are a few examples:

There are many areas that are not far behind either, Robo Base Z.R.Q. at 85% and Zyn Forest at 90%, well done everyone! (You can view the latest Map here: >>LINK<<)

We also have the start of the new A.R.C. Faction Rank 2 Missions, as well as changes to the Rank 1 Missions:

New A.R.C. Rank 2 Missions:

Five new Crafting Cyrene items or Mining Missions for Cyrene Specific Ores and Enmatters that are only open to players who have over 200 A.R.C. Faction Badges.

Also coming with the Mini Patch will be a new Summoning Mob location near Eve's Playground that will allow players to summon and kill special mobs to earn more A.R.C. Faction Badges (provided that you are already at or over 200 A.R.C Faction Badges).

Changes to A.R.C. Rank 1 Missions:

The A.R.C. Rank 1 Daily missions ended up leaving out newer players to hunt and get in on the faction action, so we made some changes and added 1 new mission: a 500 Sweat Turn-in mission for 1 badge.

The following two daily missions will be changed as follows:
A.R.C. Faction Mission - Stage 1 - Daily - Hunter Zyn'Dos is now Swamp Lurker Prime
A.R.C. Faction Mission - Stage 1 - Daily - Merfolken Raiders is now Scout Bot Collector XT

This should ensure that new players will be able to start earning faction badges as well.

Changes to the A.R.C. Rank 1 Rewards:

The A.R.C. Initiate Armor is now called Stolen Imperium Armor, this armor was meant to be part of the Imperium Faction but due to some issues this armor was put out incorrectly.I would like to stress that this armor will not be changed for any player that already has this armor, however, this armor will not be available at the Rank 1 Stage of A.R.C. once the VU goes live.

In its place will be A.R.C. Inaugurates Armor, a Tradeable and Limited Armor, available for players who are at Rank 1 A.R.C. Faction:

For Players who are past A.R.C. Rank 1 and closer to Rank 2 (500 A.R.C. Faction Badges), is the A.R.C. Patrol Armor, a Tradeable and Limited Armor, available for Rank 2 A.R.C. Faction:

Also all players that reach Rank 2 will get a special Blueprint from Zorra Winters to craft an A.R.C. Lancer:

There are also approximately 80 new weapons that have been placed on all Cyrene creatures level 1 through 31, BLP Pistol / Rifle, Laser Pistol / Rifle, Short and Long Blades, here are some examples:

We've also been working to improve the Day/Night lighting as well as the water transparency for this VU. We'll be working to make these as good as possible.

There are many other changes coming this VU as well as for the Mini Patch here is a short list:

- Improved summoning for Lazidol and the Empis Wasp Queen (Mini Patch)
- SweetStuff and Force Nexus added to Mining Spawns (VU)
- A n00b Mini Chain to create a Refurbished S.I. Heart (Mini Patch)
- Hit box fixes for Dragon Monkeys and Tide Claws (VU)
- Capsule fixes for Mang Chang, Rhino Beetles, and Paneleons (VU)
- A Mini Sweat Camp with dedicated mob spawns of Jellyworms, Mang Changs, and Paneleons. (VU)
- Topography Changes to many of the high mountains at Mer Beach, Ngu Volcano, and Robot Base Z.R.Q. (Mini Patch)
- Fixes to many typographical and grammatical changes. (VU)
- Various bug fixes. (VU)

I hope that this gets players excited for the next Planet Cyrene Update.


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