Monday, March 16, 2015

Cyrene Drama - Changes to A.R.C. Rank 1 Missions

Cyrene Drama - Changes to A.R.C. Rank 1 Missions

There is/was mission at planet Cyrene with reward repairable but untradeable armor with good defense stats. A lot of people went to the planet just to get that armor. Everything was nice and peaceful until Friday 13 of March 2015 when Kris from planet Cyrene posted the preview of the next version update with a lot of cool stuff in it. But people focused only on one thing – The reward for A.R.C. Rank 1 Missions was changed from unlimited and untradeable armor to limited and tradable armor.

“The A.R.C. Initiate Armor is now called Stolen Imperium Armor, this armor was meant to be part of the Imperium Faction but due to some issues this armor was put out incorrectly. This armor will not be changed for any player that already has this armor, however, this armor will not be available at the Rank 1 Stage of A.R.C. once the VU goes live.

In its place will be A.R.C. Inaugurates Armor, a Tradeable and Limited Armor, available for players who are at Rank 1 A.R.C. Faction:”

So people started to threaten that will leave the planet for ever or that will want refund for time and money spent collecting the badges needed for that mission. And there was response which seems good for me, but not for everybody.

“We have in the works for a Rank 3 A.R.C. Faction armor, better stats than the Stolen Imperium Armor, also Non-Tradable, at the next of the faction Tier, but not for rank 1. It should feel special and accomplished and not at the basic level of the faction.

We are aware that this change can be disappointing to players that are close to 200 Badges but not yet there, the Rank 3 Armor should be something that is worth waiting for. The Stolen Imperium Armor was left in as a proof of appreciation to our loyal active players.

And more:

“Hey guys,
We are working on a way let players who have already started this Rank 1 Faction be able to still get this armor for a limited amount of time. When we have a concrete update as to how this will happen I will post it up in all the relevant threads.

Now this may make new problem. A lot of players can start the mission before the next update and Cyrene team will have larger player base to satisfy.

I am collecting every untradeable item in the game and I will get both of those bound armors sooner or later so I don’t see a reason to get mad about this change. And frankly if you come to the planet just for the armor and hate it when you can’t get it easy I don’t think the planet will miss you much.

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