Friday, February 27, 2015

Sounds on Planet Arkadia

Hello everyone!

As some of you already know, I am the dude responsible for the sound on Planet Arkadia. For those who didn’t know; now you know.

With the upcoming Version Update (VU) there will be allot of sounds. Ambient sounds (check out the coast, the desert and the arctic) and almost every mob has sounds (known who doesn’t have it yet is Yrrijak and Wombana). Allot of old sounds that didn’t work before (or ceased to work) will work now. And yes, same goes for weapons.

Most likely, though, you will enter an area, meet a mob or use an item that doesn’t have any sound for some reason. If that happens, DON’T SEND A SUPPORTCASE! The reason for that is that it will just take longer time for me to get that information. Instead, I want you to write about it here in this thread.

ROE (Rules Of Engagement) when it comes to sound:

What I don’t want:

Polls about changing a specific sound
Messages like “There is no wind-sound at this location…” IF you don’t recall that there was a sound there before. Same goes for mobs or items/weapons that worked before.

Allot of areas doesn’t have sound yet and we are well aware of that. The sounds is a project that will continue for a long time since all ambient sound is connected to areas that has to be implemented manually, everywhere (Yes, on the whole planet ).

Messages about the sounds (or the lack of sounds) in space or on any other planet. This includes vehicles, weapons, items and mobs (e.g. Pets) from other planets.

Q:“But where should I turn then?”
A: Bring it up on the Planetary Partners forum or according to that Planetary Partners recommended contact method.

If you have doubts about where the weapon/item/mob comes from; read the weapons Item Description, ask around or use knowledge-sites like

Suggestions or complaints in an uncivilized manner. That includes non-constructive feedback, rants, etc. Read the forum rules if unsure.
Questions about when a specific sound or area will be implemented.
Debates. The sound is about taste, just like music. Keep it simple and don’t try to win an argument why a specific sound is right or wrong. Leave it and walk on.

What I do want:

General feedback on the specific sounds: Quality, if it is too loud or too low, if it looks/sounds “out of sync” with the item/mob animation, etc.

Example: “I think the sound on my Herman ARK-500 Prototype is fantastic, but maybe a few Decibel too loud.”

Fun suggestions on small (or big) details that would enhance the total experience of Arkadia when it comes to sound.

An example is the big manufacturing machine that also holds a storage terminal (can be found in Celeste Harbor and on the second floor of Trade Centre at IFN HQ and Dauntless Firebase). After VU, when you approach it, you will hear a sound from the box opening.

The “roadmap” of the sounds on Planet Arkadia:

We will implement sounds in every VU until “it is done”.
We will implement sounds for mobs/items/weapons as soon as we have come up with a sound that we think fits the object in question and if we can hold a certain quality.
We are very reluctant to change the sounds that already exist in the game. An example of this is various weapon-sounds. That doesn’t mean that we won’t implement new sounds for new weapons if we think it is appropriate.
We will implement ambient environmental sounds all over Arkadia, including the Arkadian Underground. We will start with the south-east server known as “The Celeste Server” since this is the server that most players linger on. Allot has already been done, but there needs to be fine-tuning. The same can be said about other servers “8 Coins”, “the Arctic” and the “Arkadian Underground”. The reason for that last mentioned servers are done is that I realized that they could be done fairly fast.

That was all!

Best Regards,

Lars – Official of Planet Arkadia and sound developer at Arkadia Studios

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