Friday, December 19, 2014

Webshop Holiday Special Offers

Webshop Holiday Special Offers

The Entropia Universe Webshop offers two new consumable buffs to spice up your holiday season hunting sessions!

Neurostim-X - Offensive Boost

Faster Reload - 12%
Increased Critical Hit Chance - 1%
Increased Critical Damage - 12%
30 Minute Duration

Neurostim-Y - Defensive Boost

Increased Run Speed - 20%
Increased Regeneration - 33%
Increased Max Health - 12 HP
30 Minute Duration

Neurostim Boosters available for a limited time in the EU Webshop

Even better, the Universal Ammo Value Packs also available in the Webshop include additional holiday bonus items, such as Tomtebloss, Christmas Fireworks, and Jolly Christmas Hats.

So head over to the Entropia Universe Webshop now and fill your Christmas stockings!

Happy Holidays!

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