Monday, December 22, 2014

Updated Cyrene Dynamic Upgrade Map 19 December 2014

Updated Cyrene Dynamic Upgrade Map 19 December 2014

Hey guys,

I just updated the Cyrene Dynamic Upgrade Map here:

It ended up being 7 and 1/2 weeks between the initial posting of the map and the update due to the first few weeks of reports missing data and subsequently waiting for that data to be retrieved again.

You can expect another update in approximately 3 weeks from now (the first full week of January 2015 (between the 5th and the 9th).

For now we'll keep the discussion of the map centered here.

Some things that we noticed and why we thought they occurred:

Ice Plateau and Panton Jungle - both areas were lacking in unique spawns. Since the VU the unique spawns have been added to the Ice Plateau area and we've added another TP to Panton Jungle. We'll also be focusing any event spawns in Pantone Jungle.

Ngu Volcano - this area might be too focused on only high level mobs, or it might be the way that the spawns for the Vlanwing and Protocores were when the VU launched initially. Since the VU the spawns for the Vlanwing and Protocore have been adjusted to be more separated as well as making sure that the Ancients can be spawned there as well.

Great Plains and Turrelion Desert - these zones ended up having more progress than we anticipated. The creature diversity and popularity in these areas are both high, which probably caused the additional 20% +/- of progression above the other zones.

We'll be keeping an eye on the reports that come down and adjusting accordingly, I think that now that we have many more universal ores and enmatters it will balance everything out a bit more.


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