Monday, December 15, 2014

Longtooths sighted in Port Atlantis and near Camp Icarus

A rare sight - The Longtooth, best known for migrating in the north of Eudoria at around the same time as the Eomon have been sighted near Port Atlantis and near Camp Icarus.

This rare spawn of Longtooth Dominant is expected to be seen on the evening of December 15, UTC time and contain shared loot on the following locations:

Location - longitud, latitude:
  • Camp Icarus - 63314, 74559
  • Port Atlantis - 61509, 75119
  • Port Atlantis - 61602, 75270
  • Port Atlantis - 61345, 75286

Non shared loot have been spotted at:
  • Port Atlantis - 61241, 75636

Extra Mainframe monitoring:
Communication disturbances have plagued many parts of Entropia and Calypso during the past weekend.

EBN reports that extra Mainframe Engineers have been assigned to monitor and sort out any remaining disturbances during these rare spawns in order to ensure the highest quality of communications during the upcoming holiday season.

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