Tuesday, December 16, 2014

IFN needs you on Arkadia

The IFN have opened their doors to recruits. They are looking for stout men and woman to join their ranks.

You can obtain your closest recruitment officer at Windy Isles @ 8coins.

All members that complete the basic training will be allocated to their respective Fire Base.

These Bases are :

  • Repulse Firebase
  • Defiant Firebase
  • Indomitable Firebase
  • Victorious Firebase
  • Valiant Firebase
  • Fearless Firebase
  • Resolute Firebase
  • Dependable Firebase
  • Relentless Firebase

You will be allocated to your division and your Firebase will be your home in the IFN. You will treat your bases with respect and your fellow team members as well. You are a family and as one unit you will be chosen at selected times to do certain duties by the IFN Officials. You could be called to duty at any time, so pay close attention to reports on the forum.

Once you have been allocated, you will be able to grow in rank by doing the Daily missions for the IFN alowing you to become a General.

Best of luck in your adventures and welcome to the IFN.

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