Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Gold Rush 2014 - Hunting Division

Gold Rush 2014 - Hunter Division
Event Starts : 8th January 2015 - 8th February 2015

Attention Gold Rush Enthusiasts

The Gold Rush fever is upon Planet Arkadia once again. This years event comes with outstanding prizes. Now is the time to get those keys and enter the Aakas and discover all the hidden Gold Rush Coins spread throughout the instances.


Hidden within the loots is a set of Gold Rush Coins. These coins have points allocated to each of them. These points are as follows.

  • Gold Rush Coin 2014 - 1 Point
  • Gold Rush Coin 2014 - 5 Point
  • Gold Rush Coin 2014 - 10 Point
  • Gold Rush Coin 2014 - 20 Point
  • Gold Rush Coin 2014 - 50 Point
  • Gold Rush Coin 2014 - 100 Point
  • Gold Rush Coin 2014 - 500 Point
  • Gold Rush Coin 2014 - 1000 Point
  • Gold Rush Coin 2014 - 5000 Point

You will have to obtain the Gold Rush 2014 mission from the IFN Terminal first before any points will be allocated. Please note, that these coins cannot be traded. Once these coins have been looted, the points will be automatically counted towards the mission when you loot any of the Gold Rush Coins from within the instances.

If you abandon the mission at any time during the event, All points will be lost and they will NOT be replaced. You will have to start from scratch.​

Qualifying Instances

  • Aakas Door 1 - 10
  • Aakas Golden Door
  • Sal'diresh Vault 1 - 10


Positions to win these prizes will be announced only in the new year. We have revealed them for you to have a look at before we allocate them to specific positions.​

1 x Improved GYRO FAP

1 x Herman XP-1 Scanthi Edition

1 x Improved MAKO FAL

1 x Improved MANTA

2 x Eron SoulCrusher

1 x Eron SoulGrinder

1 x Eron SoulScreamer

1 x Eron SoulReamer

2 x Eron SoulReaver

2 x Eron SoulShredder

2 x Eron SoulSplitter

5 x Hoverpod Mk3 (C)​

With that said, best of luck to one and all. The event will be announced across all media platforms. So get your equipment ready, load those weapons and get ready for the Gold Rush 2014

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