Thursday, November 13, 2014

Space mining and transport coming to Entropia Universe

Finally change in space that will bring more people into it. So far I was flying through space just to visit another planet but what is mentioned in the last Developer Notes #10 - Galactic Transport for the upcoming Entropia Universe Version Update 15.1 (currently scheduled for early December), will change all that.

Most people are happy that removing of planet-specific auction sections and making possible to buy items from other planets via auction will improve the ingame economies of the smaller planet. I am happier about the part where new space cargo missions are mentioned. This will bring the game one step closer to games like Mass Effect and Star citizen. It will also increase the number of the people flying in space.

I am also thinking of becoming some sort of space mission runner or something. Interplanetary transporter if you wish. There is always the possibility to become space pirate, but first people will hate me and second it will require a lot more free time to camp for space victims and in this moment of time free time is not an option. Not to mention that I will have to work together with other pirates but how can you trust a pirate not to shoot you in the back.

At the end they mention resource gathering, yes I know it will probably take years before we see space mining but at least it is something we can hope and wait for. And there is a chance that it will be different from planetary mining.

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