Friday, November 21, 2014

How much money people put in Entropia Universe

How much money people put in Entropia Universe

If you wonder how much money people deposit to this game let’s make some calculations. I am not very rich but I can afford to deposit 100$ per month. The game is out for 10 years if I started depositing when the game started that makes 10 years by 12 months by 100$ = 12 000 USD. Not much, but there are people in rich countries like Sweden or Denmark for example.

With salary of 3000 – 4000 USD it is no problem to deposit 1000 USD per month and that makes such player holding 120 000 USD in Entropia Universe. And just 50 such players can buy every calypso land lot deed that was offered and gain control over every decision in the political system that will be introduced and also take all the CLD revenue or ¼ of what Planet Calypso is making as profit.

Sure not everybody deposit 1000 USD per month, but there are also players depositing more than that. I won’t be surprised if there are players with half a million USD invested in Entropia Universe in the form of multiple land areas and Calypso and/or Arkadia Underground deeds. And who can blame them. Investing money in Entropia Universe is more profitable and probably more secure than most of the banks in the world.

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