Wednesday, August 13, 2014

ComPet Bulletin 1

MindArk is proud to announce that the auction of ComPet deeds is going very well, with over 1 million PED worth of deeds already acquired by participants looking forward to being part of the ComPet project. The MindArk team has been both thrilled and encouraged by the great amount of interest shown in ComPet so far! In this announcement and throughout the development cycle we will be sharing lots more information about the ComPet system, including design plans and concept art.

We have also collected a number of relevant questions received from support cases and community discussions, which we hope to answer in this inaugural ComPet Bulletin.

Why is MindArk creating a separate game on a different platform?
We have learned from our marketing efforts that many potential Entropia Universe participants are lost before even logging in to Entropia Universe due to inadequate computer requirements, internet bandwidth, or other factors. ComPet will give potential participants who are interested in the concept of Entropia Universe’s RCE-MMO but are unable to play the full PC version a chance to experience at least some part of the uniqueness of Entropia Universe.

It was announced that in the free-to-play portion of ComPet, one can win points. What are the points used for?
There will be multiple currencies in ComPet. ComPet points can be obtained through lots of dedication to the game, and used to upgrade your pets or home as an alternative to using PED that can be bought for real money.

Can you provide more information about a release date for ComPet?
Though it is hard to know for sure so early in the development process, we are currently planning for a release of the ComPet app in early 2015.

Will there be an alpha test process for ComPet deed holders?
A new game such as ComPet requires lots of testing and feedback, so this is something we definitely are considering.

Does this new project mean that MindArk’s development priorities have shifted away from Entropia Universe?
MindArk’s vision for Entropia Universe has always been about making the universe deeper and broader, with a variety of experiences and features available for participants of all interests. MindArk wishes to expand the RCE universe to improve the user experience while also creating more opportunities for participants to invest and earn profits. Introducing ComPet as a standalone game and connecting parts of it with Entropia Universe accomplishes both of those goals.

That being said, rest assured that MindArk will continue to develop the core Entropia Universe platform and content as it has done for over 10 years. Development of Entropia Universe will not be negatively affected in any way by the ComPet project.

Why are there so many different types of deeds being introduced by MindArk lately?
Deeds are a great way for our participants to engage with the RCE model of Entropia Universe in a way that is totally unique in the gaming world. Previous deed opportunities have been a great success for everyone involved, and we plan to continue offering these opportunities to our participants in the future.

Will the ComPet app be available for iOS and Android devices?
The ComPet app will be offered as a standalone browser-based HTML5 application. This means it can be accessed from any platform or mobile device that has a modern web browser.

The original description of ComPet sounded a lot like gambling. Is this the case?
ComPet will be a skill-based game with some random elements included for balancing and entertainment value, very much similar to Entropia Universe.

Will all pets available in ComPet be inspired by Entropia Universe creatures, and will all pets used in ComPet be provided by Entropia Universe tamers and stables?
While the Entropia Universe taming system will definitely be a big part of the ComPet economy, not all ComPet pets will originate in Entropia Universe or be inspired by existing creatures. Many of the low-level ComPets will be generated by the ComPet system itself so that new players can get started right away. More details on the interaction between the Entropia Universe taming and stable systems and ComPet will be announced in the near future.

How does the ComPet app relate to the reimplemented Entropia Universe taming system that was announced not long ago?
As explained in the original ComPet announcement, the ‘traditional’ Entropia Universe taming system that was disabled after Version Update 10.0 will be reimplemented, with some exciting new features. In additon, the recently auctioned Entropia Universe stables will have the ability to sell pets and services to ComPet players.

Will Entropia Universe pets function in the traditional way, such as following your avatar, doing tricks, etc.?
As explained above, Entropia Universe pets will have all of their old functionality, along with lots of new features.

Will whips still be a part of the Entropia Universe taming process?
Whips will work as they did in the original Entropia Universe taming system.

What will happen to existing Entropia Universe pet deeds?
Existing pet deeds will continue to work, but the tamed creatures will have a unique status and cannot be tamed any further.

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