Saturday, July 5, 2014

Smuggler Message to Planet Arkadia


The Arkadian Colonial Administration request all able bodied colonists to assist in the defense of the Arkadian Underground Friday the 4th July 2014 @ 19:00.

We call all civilians with capability of weapons handling, police- and military experience to enlist for duty!
The criminal faction known as “The Smugglers” has challenged the whole Arkadian society, and its administration, by claiming the underground as theirs.
As a reaction to this threat, the Arkadian Colonial Administration under Director Bishop, has ordered the Arkadian colonists to set up a civilian militia in order to counteract the efforts of the criminals. The participants in this militia are expected to make patrols and act as a unified force if/when “The Smugglers” should attack in larger numbers.
The ACA, with expert assistance of the IFN, expect this to be an ongoing struggle. IFN has guaranteed ACA that they will provide intel that will give notice of any impending attacks. However, as with all intelligence-work we can't guarantee that intel will be accurate or in time, so be prepared for assaults at any time, possibly without notice.
No further discussion about our tactics to counter these criminals will be discussed here.

It is time for YOU, the law-abiding colonists and Land Deed owners, to stand united as one with the ACA and show these criminals that this kind of blackmail and extortion is not tolerable.
We won’t bow down our heads under threat!
We won’t live on our knees!
We will stand up defending our rights and property!
We will not fail!

Arkadian Colonial Administration

Colonists of all levels are encouraged to attend. This attack is liable to be a heavy assault, so people from different time-zones are encouraged to join and leave at their convenience.
If you are able to lend support, please assemble at teleporter ARKADIA UNDERGROUND.

The Smugglers have set the deadline for our evacuation to Friday the 4th July 2014 @ 19:00.

The ACA cannot predict how many days the Underground needs to be defended at this point due to lack of reliable Intel about this new enemy.

Please check in on this thread regularly to stay updated. New information will be posted as soon as we hear anything from the ACA or the IFN.

At this point we can make some things clear:

  • The Smugglers are, according to advice intel from IFN, a new threat and a new type of enemy to Arkadian Colonists. They are humans and use tactics that are different from the Oratan. The Smugglers are thinking opponents who adapt, change their tactics and improvise. Participants should be prepared to patrol and move all over the Underground. If you haven’t serviced your vehicles and filled up with oil then it is time to do so.
  • IFN will NOT be able to participate as combatants or healers in this conflict due to Imperial restrictions. The Smugglers are a civilian problem since The Smugglers are classified as criminals and not combatants. Colonists are encouraged to form teams and make sure that all medical equipment is functional and/or that the teams have combat medics. How the different teams are organized is a detail that the ACA (and IFN) won’t interfere in.

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