Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Taming – from NOT to HOT

Quick info for those that are not playing Entropia Universe for more than 9 years. In 2005 it was possible to tame certain species of the Calypso wildlife. To tame an animal you need to break its free spirit and subject them to your authority and leadership. This is done by using a whip. All tamable animals have three bars showing when they are targeted. These bars show the animal's level of Respect, Spirit and Health.

In 2009 when Entropia Universe moved to the new and better engine CryEngine 2 taming was disabled and never enabled since then. To be honest I really thought this system is never going to be reintroduced. But that was my mistakes because there are a lot of non violent people that want to participate in Entropia Universe, but don’t like to kill creatures or other players. They don’t want to drill for resources or stay at the crafting machine facing the wall all day. Now when I think of it when they reintroduce the Taming I will probably stop the other professions and focus on taming at least for few months. And who wouldn’t.

The promise for the new Taming system is almost too good to be true.

Taming Stage 1 - (Planned for Autumn 2014 Release)

In the first stage the core functionality will be quite similar to the original taming system, with added improvements to usability and fun-factor. Initially, pets will be to able accompany your avatar in its Entropia Universe travels, with more pet abilities and features planned for later stages (see below).

Taming Stage 2 - (Planned for Late 2014 / Early 2015 Release)

In this stage it is planned to implement additional skill-based taming abilities which will expand the capabilities of tamed creatures beyond the pre-VU10 taming system. In addition, a limited number of stables will be made available that will fulfill various roles within the taming system such as stabling, feeding, expert training, trading and more.

Taming Stage 3 - (Planned for Early 2015 Release)

Battle Arenas will be introduced which will allow tamed creatures to battle one another. Each battle will be unique, with a wide range of offensive and defensive pet buffs and upgrades along with customizable attack and defense profiles.

And there is a chance that this system will be linked to the Web-Based Battle Arena - (Planned for Early 2015 Release)

A web-based Battle Arena game is planned for early 2015. The game will be developed as a cross-platform solution available on the web and for mobile devices, and will have direct ties to the Entropia Universe taming system. Players will have the opportunity to acquire, upgrade and customize their pets for battle against the pets of others.

Entropia Universe participants will have the ability to acquire Battle Arena Deeds and share in the revenue and excitement of the Battle Arena action. 200,000 Battle Arena Deeds will be offered via the Entropia Universe in-game auction and upcoming webshop at 100 PED each. Revenues generated from the Battle Arena Deed offering will be used exclusively for Battle Arena development and marketing. More detailed information about the Battle Arena Deeds will be made available very soon.

This line is very interesting: web-based Battle Arena game will have direct ties to the Entropia Universe Taming System. Now everyone is hoping to start farming pets and sell them to the kid on the Facebook app or playing on their Smartphone. This will be cool; one more option for Entropians to make money and people that will play the web-based game if they like it they will start playing Entropia Universe too.

The only thing that I wanted to see and didn’t see in the release notes is the ability to use your pets to hunt with you. Make team with them and hunt. This will allow solo players to go hunt big mobs and try to get some big ass HOF or ATH. Give your pet some pet armor some pet gun and make him shoot with you. Probably never going to happen but sounds cool. But if it is going to be possible to fight pet against pet it is not too hard to make it fight against mob or enemy avatar.

The only bad news here is for shop owners that dreamed to ell pets in their shops. Even now there is at least 1 pet shop in the game. But it seems pets will be traded in the stables that will be introduced in 2015.

From all this it seems that Taming System from abandoned for 5 years will become most desired, profitable and fun profession in 2014-2015.

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