Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Active players in Entropia Universe and Eve Online

Active players in Entropia Universe and Eve Online

It is really hard to guess how much people are playing Entropia Universe. And I don’t know the definition of “Active player”. But let’s make some estimates here. Most people believe that Entropia players are not more than 25 000.

Here you can see EVE Online: Active Subscribers Worldwide. They were 25 000 in 2003 and 500 000 in 2013. 474 000 are the people that bought Star Citizen. We can assume that at the moment people that like hard games involving spaceships and can afford to play them are around half a million. 

I think the graph showing EVE Online Active Subscribers will be the same for Entropia Universe but with 10-11 years difference. And somewhere in 2023-2024 people that play Entropia universe will multiply by 10 or even 20 and will be around 500 000.

And if you now buy 100 CLD and get monthly income close to 1200 PED in 2024 you will be receiving something like 20 000 PED or 2 000 USD. Crazy right.

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