Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Massive Oratan forces detected!

Arkadian Colony Defence - Massive Oratan Attack!

IFN Intelligence: Massive Oratan forces detected!

Date: 13 MAY 3011
Time: 15:52 hrs
Location: Classified

Regan and Edwards was laying in the sand dunes. They had been out for seven days on a Long-range reconnaissance patrol.

The spot they found gave them a perfect view over the valley where the Oratans had their biggest settlements. Edwards was looking in her binoculars as Longshot was tracking the Oratans movements in his sniper-scope.

The Oratans was building up a huge staging area in the valley and more Oratans arrived all the time in small units.

'Clever bastards.' Edwards mumbled for herself. 'They come and go in small teams and take detours...'

'Yeah...' Reagan whispered as a reply. 'Seems like the intel-dudes were right about their demand that we do some old fashion recon as an addition to the orbital surveillance.'

'Yupp...' Edwards replied while she kept taking photos and counting the enemies forces. 'What troubles me though is that we still have no clue about where they come from. We should have decimated their numbers well enough by now but they just keep coming.'

They continued their mission for a couple of hours until Edwards finally whispered;
'Time is up. Let's pull out and head back to Celeste. Bossman's team is on its way back already. I'm just going to send up the rest of the data.'

'Good.' Said longshot, still viewing the Oratans in his scope. 'Tell them that I want a Capricciosa with extra cheese.'

'Will do. But that means an extra session in the gym for you.' Edwards replied with a smile.

'You got it boss.' Longshot whispered while crawling backwards from their hiding spot.

The IFN are calling on Arkadia's loyal colonists, to assist in plugging the gaps in our defensive lines and bolster the IFN combat forces. Colonists of all levels are encouraged to attend. This attack is liable to be a heavy and sustained attack for an extended period of time, so people from different time-zones are encouraged to join and leave in at their convenience.

If you are able to lend support, please assemble at REPULSE FIREBASE (Coordinates 15015, 15047).

The attack are estimated to hit on Friday the 16th May 2014 @ 19:00 and expected to end on Sunday the 18th May 2014 @ 19:00


Due to issues arising from previous engagements, we once again ask colonists to please NOT shoot from the walls or from under the entrance of the base, as this causes the Oratan to become UNREACHABLE and spoils the event for other participants. We kindly ask that all players actually advance into the field and engage the enemy forces.


The Oratan are, once again, likely to be throwing all they have at this base including the largest and strongest warriors they can muster. As with previous engagements, IFN Command will be deploying Commandos from Alpha Team to assist colonial fighters with paramedical duties.

Please arrive early and ensure all equipment is clean and in good repair, and you have adequate supplies of ammunition.

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