Friday, April 4, 2014

THE HIVE - a Tutorial to Aurli uber bosses

I believe everyone should have access to this knowleadge, its been nearly a year this place was release and most who know how the spawn of aurli uber aka bosses works never shared it, kept it to themself and profiting from it (i joined the place mid november 13 and was able to figure out all this stuff by myself).
Several people mentionned me how bad they wanted to loot some bones and start a set of more eco plates together, I have helped some friends so far, I believe at some point everyone should get to share what they know, it always was on us to give and to receive, so here is my input.

Aurli Biogenic Gel.
This gel is made off all the brood parts you may loot in the hive, some aurli larva which can be found in the bell brood room, some alien liquids from other domes and an animal oil i let you find about.
Used in the craft of the adj/imp/mod bp.

Aurli Bosses have an internal cooldown.
Matter of fact i was able to determine this cooldown, they all work on a base of "timing" and not "kill count" as many could believe and feel robbed by the WSS mafia (or by myself?) out there camping each cave ready to catch the precious loot.
Each of these bosses can and will respawn 48hrs after last one killed up to 120hrs spawning limit, once this understood you might want to know when the last specific boss been killed to be able to catch the next one and hunt at the right place, timing pattern may vary depending on server reboot, server reboot now force a cooldown reset, which means no boss will spawn untill 48hrs atleast passed.

Bring with you the highest tiered gun you can, for some of the strongest boss a rutube/perseus armor will be needed, be prepared for the worst but still pray for the best, infact some people from the mentionned above soc will KS you at all cost, it happend to me before and mob train isnt an option for some of the less respectable of them or even auto firing the spawning point for several hours in a row or even all day.
This is not really about it but worth mentioning as all treasure comes at a cost so lets get to the real point of the thread.

6 different bosses, from L43 to L106, each spawning as an extra mob to the existing ones, each of these boss spawn INSIDE their brood cave, each of these are a nearly 100% guarantee to loot a bone or up to 3 bones with dread.
Bones are also lootable from regular mobs, confirmed on brood of bram, dotty and bell, also potentially from warren as the boss happend to give no loot.
NOTE: some have lower chances of looting and will be detailed under.

L43 Dotty

50% chances of looting a bone

L48 Bell (picture taken from the way to the bell cave)

50%+ chances of looting a bone
Spawns into PVP

L49 Bram

50%+ chances of looting a bone

L76 Warren

75%+ chances of looting a bone

L78 Unruly

100% chances of looting a bone

L106 Dread The AllBrood

100% chances of looting atleast a bone, up to 3 lootable
Spawns in PVP
Makes a loud Rooooaaaar noise on spawn that can be heard all around the hive.

NoTE: Chances of looting mentionned are based on 2-3 months of tracking, personal & friends kills.

Additional information will be provided in a following post (if you want to personally ask me something about the place i can teach & tell you for free, ingame).

Good luck to everyone inside the hive, may this allow to be revived, mob start to loot UL items again and return some of the mu to these mobs.

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