Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How Warp Mines works in Entropia Universe

The actual functionality of "Warp Mines" is a little complex and to be honest, I am not sure if they work the way they are supposed to. I am not even sure if the "Pirates" are 100% aware of how they fully function.

"Warp Mines" are placed in a "Warp Gate" to disrrupt the "Warp Process" of a "Warp Capable Ship". Currently Aniara Class Motherships and Vega Class Privateeers (Pathfinders and Starfinders) are the only "Warp Capable Ships" in the "Entropia Universe". There is at least one "Warp Gate" in each "Server Area" of the current "Entropia Space" and there are twelve(12) such "Server Areas" This much we know for certain.

The "Captain Skill" of a "Ships Pilot" + the level of the "Ships Warp Drive" Vs the level of the "Warp Mine" being used = the chances of a "Ships Warp Process" being disrupted. I have no idea of What the full break down of the ratios for this equation is. The cost of obtaining "Warp Mines" and burning "Warp Drives" to fully test this is a little ludicrous because of the costs involved.

On Sunday the "MS Bismarcks Warp Sequence" was disrupted on two seperate ocassions in the "Erabos Space Server Region". On the first instance the "Pirate Ship MS Dreadnoguht" was the only Ship in the vicinity. It attacked and destroyed the "MS Bismarck"

On the second occassion there was not only the "MS Dreadnought" but the "MS Varyag" This second ship quickly disappeared behind us as we headed away from the situation with the "MS Dreadnought" in hot pursuit. It was accompanied by a well known Pirate in a Quadwing Interceptor.

A "Warp Trail" was then obseved. This could have been a number of things and at this stage is purely speculation. It may have been the MS Varyag attempting to "Warp" to an intercept point on the Bismarcks predicted tragectory. It may have been the MS Varyag leaving the area. It also may have been another "Watp Ship' passing through the region.

Once the MS Bismarcks Crew and Passengers were fully aware of the situation, the ships speed was reduced and the fight taken to the Pirates. After a short time of guns blazing from both MS and the attending Quadwing Interceptor the Bismarck arose from amongst the smouldering wreckage of the Dreadnought as the victors of the second bout. Shortly afterwards the Quadwing Interceptor was also dispatched.

As the "Pilot" on both ocassions, I take full responsibility for the Bismarck being destroyed in the first instance. Due to the lack of activity from the Pirates in the last few weeks I had become quite lacks and was "Piloting with Undue Care and Attention"

In the second instance the credit must go to the Crew. Their actions and efforts are nothing less than highly commendable. The Repair Crew worked tirelessly to ensure all stations maintained substantial integrity during the ensuing battle while the Gun Crew ensured the final victory.

The work, time and efforts put in by EFA Crew Members is nothing short of highly commendable. Not just on this occassion but at all times their efforts are greatly appreciated. In recent times our Crews have proven themselves very reliable and more than capable on both the Kronan and the Bismarck. We may not always be victorious but we hold our own.

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