Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Arkadian Colony Defence – Oratan Marathon Attack

IFN Intelligence: More Oratan forces detected!

Date: 8 APR 3011
Time: 02:10 hrs
Location: IFN Cutlass - in orbit above Arkadia

The intelligence officer on duty responded to the alarm from the console with a mumbling “What is it this time?” as he slid over to the station with a fresh coffee in his hand.

The surveillance cameras showed the night side of Arkadia as it usually did, but this time with some exceptions that the computer was marking as a change. The area of interest that the computers had flagged didn't show much detail at range so he used the battleship’s extensive sensor suites to zoom in even further and magnify.

“What a he-“ he said, surprise in his voice.

“What is it?” one of his colleagues asked.

“Take a look at this.” The first officer replied quickly, “It looks like there are hundreds of camp fires down there.”

His colleague took a quick glance and zoomed in and out to make up his mind about what he saw.

“Oh hell, looks like you're right. We better contact HQ down in Celeste at once. Gather as much intel as you can while I send them a contact alert.”

Time: 02:15 hrs
Location: Commodore Harvir's quarters

“It better be damn important waking me up at this time Sergeant...” Harvir said with a crotchety tone. "What is it?”

”Sir! Sorry to disturb you, but you better take a look at this at once. It came as a "High Priority" alert straight from Cutlass.” The young Sergeant said with fear in his voice.

Harvir sat up in his bed and swiped through the pictures on the Q-pad that was handed to him.

Suddenly, he realized what he was looking at and what it meant that the IFN were up against. He started to feel nauseous as the colour drained from his face.

Looking up at the young Sergeant in front of him, he took a breath and said "Sound the alert, get everything we have moving ASAP!"

The IFN are calling on Arkadia's loyal colonists, to assist in plugging the gaps in our defensive lines and bolster the IFN combat forces. Colonists of all levels are encouraged to attend. This attack is liable to be a heavy and sustained attack for an extended period of time, so people from different time-zones are encouraged to join and leave in at their convenience.

If you are able to lend support, please assemble at REPULSE FIREBASE (Coordinates 15015, 15047) or COURAGEOUS FIREBASE (Coordinates 15182, 25704).

The attacks are estimated to hit on Friday the 11th April 2014 @ 19:00 and expected to end on Sunday the 13th April 2014 @ 19:00


Due to issues arising from previous engagements, we once again ask colonists to please NOT shoot from the walls or from under the entrance of the base, as this causes the Oratan to become UNREACHABLE and spoils the event for other participants. We kindly ask that all players actually advance into the field and engage the enemy forces.

The Oratan are, once again, likely to be throwing all they have at these bases including the largest and strongest warriors they can muster. As with previous engagements, IFN Command will be deploying Commandos from Alpha Team to assist colonial fighters with paramedical duties.

Please arrive early and ensure all equipment is clean and in good repair, and you have adequate supplies of ammunition.

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