Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Why are you excited about Star Citizen

Star Citizen just hit the 38 million mark, which is quite nice. Well game like Entropia Universe can do that for 2-3 months, but in any case what Star Citizen is doing is something we never have seen before. With that achievement bakers of the game unlocked Cano System (home to a G-Type Main Sequence Star that’s almost identical to Earth’s) and now we can see the 40 million unlock. It will be 2 systems – Kabal System and Oretani System. But all that you can see on their website and a lot more sites on the internet.

Funny thing is if I have to describe Star Citizen with 1 word it will be dogfighting. Or maybe it’s 2 words. Anyway, the main aspect of the game is dogfighting. And mostly PVP dogfighting. But I personally (and I think a lot of the other bakers) will stay away from PVP. And do just little dogfighting, only when my life is in danger. I am actually looking forward to start with the smallest ship and the smallest hangar and slowly buying bigger and bigger ships, better and better upgrades and more luxury hangar. I will spend most of my time exploring, trading mining and let’s not forget – decorating my hangar. If there is option to own more buildings, bases and such – that’s my fun. I’m going to try to own them. Gonna buy new PC in 2015 with AMD chips and Mantle support and all that shit just to enjoy the high-polygons and insane details of the ships and buildings. I know that younger players will be all over that dogfigh, showing who the boss is. There will also be real life pilots that will enjoy that very much. But I’m too old for that. I’m gonna pay my insurance on time, pay my cable TV, sit in my hangar and watch Star Trek. May be fly to some asteroid in the Sundays to make some quick cash mining and get back to the safe hangar. Pay the insurance for the hangar. Buy some defensive upgrades. More armor and more defensive turrets will be good. Put the PVP slider to minimum PVP. I think I’m gonna like this game very much. At the same time I know that may be the game is not exactly what I am imagining it will be.

And that’s the situation with most of the bakers IMO. Most are very excited, buying more and more ships; they are already having tons of fun. Just sitting at the hangar watching at their beautiful ships. Money are funny little things that have different value for different people. For most of the bakers, that can afford it, the joy of buying new ship and looking at it at the hangar is worth more than that 300$ or 500$ they spent on it. Sure their wife may leave them after she finds out how much they spent on virtual toys, but every real man needs some virtual toys. It’s that or someday he will just go out on the street and start shooting people. I think we can agree that it’s better to just play Star Citizen and shoot virtual pirates.

Anyway what I wanted to say is that most of the bakers are excited about what is in their head and not about what the game will be. I’m not saying that Star Citizen will be bad game. It will be amazing game. Pushing the limits of the graphics, game made with love, not just for the profit of some company. I am imagining building my perfect hangar and constructing my own space station somewhere, owing few satellites, some mining station on some planet, may be even own spaceship factory some day. But will I be able to make that in the final game or I will be disappointed. There is risk that most of the bakers will be slightly disappointed when the game is finished and it is not exactly how they want it or imagine it.

With all that said I believe that this will be the best space sim ever. Probably the best space game ever. Time will tell. For now I can just sit in my hangar and enjoying my Aurora. Best 40$ I ever spent.

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