Thursday, February 20, 2014

Proposed / postponed tour to planet Toulan

The first part of the title of this post is a joke but you have to read planet Cyrene forum to get it :P

The topic of this post is planet Toulan launch yesterday. The planet looks awesome as you can see from my last post showing screenshots from Planet Toulan. I got home yesterday, downloaded the new update and the planet, spawned my quad, filled it with fuel and then I remembered what happened first day on Monria launch. There was a bug and some avatars were locked. And then I remember all planet launches and always there are some bugs, mission don’t give you reward, revival is missing, you get stuck or locked, returns are lower, loot is bugged.

So before you decide to go to planet Toulan now, you must know that it is in BETA state now. If you go there go on your own risk and don’t get angry if something bad happen. I will try to warn you for some of the bugs that are known now, 24 hours after the planet release:

  • Guardian Village Teleport is not listed upon use – that means that if you discover it now you will have to do it again in the future. 
  • The TT armor (Mawlood) cannot take plates.
  • Hunting loot is only Animal Eye Oil, Animal Muscle Oil, Animal Thyroid Oil and Ammunition
  • In crafting you can’t loot blueprints until next update or patch. 

And something that some people are happy some will avoid the planet – most of the planet is no vehicle zone. That mean you can’t use vehicles to get where you want. You have to run or use teleportation chips to go there.

Another thing that might make you leave the planet is that it is only 1 game server. For example Cyrene has 4, Arkadia 9, Calypso is like 33 or something. You may get bored fast. On the bright side this means you will meet other people more often than on the big planets. I am sure the land area is just temporary thing and the planet is actually huge, but it will be unlocked with time. The bad news is that sometimes that time is measured in years.

There are not many missions now but they will add them slowly with every update as usual.

In short this Planet will be awesome, probably the best looking planet so far, but as every planet it will take some time until it can offer the gameplay Calypso can offer today. I recommend waiting for the first patch probably next week and then go to planet Toulan. And when you go be prepared that it is not the full planet yet.

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