Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Playing games AFK

For people that never played MMO this will probably be huge shock to learn that millions of people are playing games every day away from the PC and doing something else while they achieve something in the game. You know that you can sweat AFK in Entropia Universe. Make some peds sweating and at the same time do something else. You can even hunt AFK sometimes.

I was surprised to see that in EVE online mining is done mostly AFK. At least that is how far I am into the game so far. When I was watching videos on YouTube how people put different modules on their ships and go drill with some laser beams I thought it was cool. And before I start I decided to be miner. Got my mining ship and went mining. Just to realize that after I start my miner I have to wait and watch the monitor for the next 15 minutes. Sometimes this is not so bad because I can check my email, eat my dinner or even play Entropia Universe. But the thing got even worst. I was mining in Eve Online, collecting sweat in Entropia Universe and actually playing Might & Magic Duel of Champions, a very cool free to play card game. I recommend it to everyone.

This situation is bringing me on another topic. A lot of people want space mining in Entropia Universe, including myself. But now I see that this will be huge disappointment. At least if it is done the same way. While mining in Entropia Universe is boring now, it is 10 times more boring to mine in EVE Online. And if MindArk developers spent 3 months to implement something that people will get bored after 1 day it’s not good way to make business. And this lead to the logical conclusion that not everything players want is good for the game, or for any game.

This topic actually brings me to few more topics, but they are not so related to AFK playing games so I will leave them for another post. The main topic of this post was that millions of players play a lot of games daily, not only the ones I mentioned here, away from the keyboards or at least doing something else on their computer. And I am still thinking what this means.

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