Wednesday, January 29, 2014

RX Unit Beta 242 Drama

Most of you probably don’t know, but some of MindArk employees have ingame avatars and they get regularly PEDs on their PED cards. Those PEDs come from sales such as estates and motherships. Then MindArk can either pocket this money by deleting the PEDs thus reducing the amount of currency in circulation or cycle it back in various ways such as playing with it on their own avatars. The latter is the better alternative for players. If they play with the PEDs that means more money into the game and less in MA pockets. Which is basically some kind of charity from MA. And those avatars can’t withdraw any PEDs.

One of those employee avatars is RX Unit Beta 242 with 2000 hp, very powerful XXXL bazooka and very god healing FAP. And yesterday he looted 9158 ped of narcanisum stone. That's 915 USD. Apparently that happened in PVP lootable area. And until he is there he can be looted from other players. Most probably he won’t be looted in PVP and he will just sell the narcanisum stone to the trade terminal or on the auction, but apparently some players see huge problem in that. They think that somehow those PEDs are stolen from the other players in the game. In reality they are not. No player is losing anything from that. Actually as stated above, when MA avatar is mining he actually is helping other miners by putting more peds into the ground. If he has 10 000 PEDs on his PED card and he plays until all is gone mining that means there are 10 000 PEDs more for other miners to get. Or at least some big part of them.

That's the money part. And the other part is that they are testing the game. Both for bugs and also how it actually feels to play the game. I personally prefer if game developers are playing the game regularly than not playing at all.

Well not much else to say on this. Some will always see it as bad thing to do. Some will have no problem with it. Here are the facts you decide for yourself and may be leave a comment in the comment section below.

Update: Finaly 5 people from society WhySoSerious managed to kill RX Unit Beta 242 and take his loot of around 4000 PED


  1. You not describe the facts, you describe your assumptions as facts...


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