Friday, December 6, 2013

Negativity on Entropia Universe Forums

When I see someone talks bullshit about Entropia Universe my first reaction is to comment his post showing him where he is wrong. And seconds after that I wonder if I am just a fanboy who can’t see the truth. And maybe I am. May be I like the game so much that I see only the good stuff. So don’t trust everything I write here. You may lose a lot of money if you blindly trust me and deposit to the game.

First I want to say that you must have balls to start developing Entropia Universe in 1995. Most of us were probably still using Windows 3.11. The online games were played by email. And to think of such expensive game – both to make and to play. A game that will last forever and will use real money that you can deposit and withdraw. A game where you can buy shares and make money from it. Just one persistent universe with no subserver, shards, instances. Excuse me but making Eve Online, Second Life, WOW or Battlefield is child play compared to what it takes to make Entropia Universe and run it for more than 10 years. It is the most difficult game to make on Earth.

Some people complain about the support. They killed a big mob. They know it can loot big ATH or it can loot small. It can be no looter. And by all statistic and probability laws there is some sucker that hit that no looter. Then they write to support to want refund. And they get no reply. And now they start talking how bad the support is. I also had few support cases. Every time there was quick response. Once item in my shop was bugged – they moved it quick. I asked them if a name was forbidden for society name – they answered fast.

Some players complain when you need skills to win an event. At the same time other or even the same people complain that skills mean nothing in this game. The same is for expensive gear. Some are complaining that they have no use for their uber armor and guns, while other complain that only those people will win all events.

A lot of people complain about the taming system not yet implemented. They can’t understand that reimplementing the old taming system will be fun for a day and then no one will care about it. At the same time developers time and money will be lost for taming instead of something that will be way more fun and useful like mechs for example. Or new space feature, or new profession, or new planet.

Recently there is a lot of negativity about the planet partners not doing very good. Next Island is in no development mode and Rocktropia is probably reducing the servers soon. Some planet partners run away even before started their planets. But starting new planet in Entropia Universe is like launching mission to mars. It is hard, it is risky, it may succeed or it may fail. One little mistake and everything bites the dust. You can’t tell before you try. Like every other game. And most of them are really terrible games. Yes, here is little different, because you can buy land on those new planets for a lot of money and then lose them all. But again if you were investing in any other game as an investor you got the same risk. And if you are buying land here you are doing it as an investor to make money, not as a 20$ per month player.

A lot of negativity against Rocktropia and Neverdie. While there are some bad things about it, I enjoyed few months there. Really cool mobs, cool music. Hunt the thing is one of the best mission chains in the game. He was working with Universal Studio to bring new players to the game. While I was there I was expecting that Rocktropia will be doing very well few years in the future. But it still needs more players to be fully functional planet. May be now it is more like Monria – getting new players to the game or old players go there for few months, but not really a planet where you can live permanently.

What else people complain. Bugs. Yes there are bugs. It is impossible to have game without bugs. But I think they are a lot less than in most games and also are quickly fixed. Ok, I know some will say this is not right. Let me rephrase. Important bugs are fixed quickly. If your armor is little less black than black and you want it black – you may wait few years.

Another complains is the slow development of the new planets. Cyrene is taking years to move from soft launch to hard launch. Planet Toulan is like Loch Ness Monster – it may be there or it may not. We may never found out. Not really. The goal is Planet Toulan to come with the next update this month. And MindArk usually keeps the best content for the end of the year so I am looking forward to the next 2 weeks. I also want the planets to come more quickly, but people must understand that making of new planet takes 4-5 years. And it took 10 years for Planet Calypso to be where it is now.

I’m sure there are a lot of more things people complain. For now I will stop here and may update the post later when I see more complains on the forum. Good luck hunting and if you see me in the universe stop and say HI. Sometimes I wonder to make new posts or not, but when someone in the game tell me that he learned a lot from my blog I think I should continue. And there aren’t many good Entropia Universe blogs around.

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  1. I am playing EU not even month now and I am deffinetly fangirl.
    I see the bugs. I am on Arkadia atm and it lags like hell and everything, but I still love it.Finaly the game that meets most of my requirements. Though I don't deposit and I am not planning to. I am using EP for some income and I hope in luck :))

    You took my breath away with the mention of people demanding refunds when they bump on non-looter, I just simply don't want to belive it.

    And RT is hard place, for begginers without PEDs it is suiscide (I lost everything there and I have no idea how to get it back:). But I love it, it is so cool and nice :)


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