Friday, November 8, 2013

Oratan Exodus Has Begun

Location: Dehera Region, Arkadia
Date: 08 November 3010
Time: 0900hrs local

As the sun slowly made its way up from the distant horizon, Sergeant Jong watched as the last members of the training squad finished up their exercise in desert operations.

“Not bad Ben, you've done a pretty decent job with this bunch,” he remarked to Corporal Benjamin Rees,“Another week or two and they'll be ready to muster out to regular units.”

“Cheers Sarg, that means a lot coming from you,” replied Rees “I'm glad too coz I could really use a break to be honest…And some time with that nice little Intern over at the Museum in CH” he grinned.

“Yeah, well don't get too comfortable, and don't plan anything too cosy. I've gone and recommended you for the next Senior NCO course starting next rotation.” Jong said with a mischievous smile.

“Oh, what did you go and do that for Sarg? I was happy being a knuckle dragger!” Rees complained half-heartedly. Jong was about to respond further when a momentary flash across the other side of the plain caught his eye.

“Hmmm?” he grunted, reaching for his binoculars. As the he scanned the distant ridge line, he felt a cold hard lump form in his gut, “Oh hell…..” he muttered

“What’s up?” asked Rees looking round at Jong’s quiet curse

“Trouble…And a lot of it” he growled. Handing the binoculars to Rees, he reached for his communicator, “India Station, this is Big Dog Zero Six. Do you read?” Jong spoke into the microphone.

“Big Dog Zero Six, this is India Station. Go ahead.” the duty officer replied.

“India, Big Dog. Multiple Oscar contacts at the following Coordinates: 10397 9611. Repeat, Multiple Oscar contacts, large numbers moving north east."

“Roger Big Dog,” came the reply, “Be advised, we're getting additional reports of Oscars at Coordinates: 29110 29924 and 29110 29924. Looks like something’s got 'em spooked…..We haven't seen this many for a while,”

“Roger India. Will avoid the areas and RTB. Big Dog Zero Six out”

Grabbing his pack, he turned to Rees and said "Wind 'em in Corporal. We need to get out of here NOW."

Attention Arkadian Colonists!

IFN HQ have been receiving reports of large groups of Oratan moving across Sentosa. Numbers such as these have not been seen in many months and Intelligence is yet to figure out how they keep bolstering their numbers so easily.

At this time, we are unable to identify the intentions of the Oratan or what may have caused them to start relocating their forces in such numbers.

Commodore Harvir has ordered all IFN ground forces mobilised and Captain Chiharo is currently overseeing the reinforcement of all regional Firebases.

The ACA is issuing a request to all willing and able colonists to make themselves available for civilian militia duties during these trying times and to act as a further bolster to the IFN forces.

Colonists from all skill levels will find themselves useful in a number of roles and areas. If you are willing to help, the ACA are willing to accommodate you.

Oratan Forces have been spotted at the following Coordinates:

  • 10397 9611 (Medium Difficulty)
  • 29110 29924 (Hard Difficulty)
  • 24937 22415 (Easy Difficulty)

Hold fast against this show of strength by the Oratan hordes.

We will not be intimidated by these wretched souls!
Yours in Unity
The Arkadian Colonial Administration

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