Sunday, April 14, 2013

Flying and repairing in mothership Varyag in Entropia Universe

After months of hearing how good and profitable repairing on Mothership is I decided to give it a try. I bought 3 Vehicle RK-5 (L) (the starting repairing tool you need to repair vehicles). It has 7 PED TT value and you can buy it for 10-11 PED. Also I bought 100 PED of welding wire (you need that also to be able to repair) for 160%. And then I joined the crew of Mothership Varyag.

Some motherships owner want you to pay them to repair their ship, but it was free on mothership Varyag. It was free to get summoned on the mothership and I have to pay 2 PED plus the fuel I will burn to get down to some planet or 7 PED to teleport to the planet. Flying and paying 2 PED seems cheaper.

At first the ship looked very big and hard to find my way around, but after few hours I was able to find fast the zone I was looking for. This was my first time flying and repairing on mothership and for few hour the feeling was almost like first time playing Entropia Universe. But to be honest after few weeks here in space I want to go mining on planet Arkadia or kill some robots on planet Calypso or just listen to music on planet Rocktropia. The skilling is good. I skilled fast to level 8 Vehicle Structural Engineer and few more days and I will hit level 10 and will unlock Blueprint Comprehension.

The way MindArk are developing space is great. First build playerbase on every planet, slowly make reasons to go to other planet even with the risk of PVP space and then develop and expand space. Not like EVE Online where they first made space and now trying to integrate some planetside action with no reason to go to planet. When space of Entropia Universe become crowded and full with reasons to go there it will be fun and the best space simulation out there no doubt, but still there is little to keep you up here for long if you are not part of Mothership that makes regular wrap flight.

I just got back to Calypso with my Quad-Wing Interseptor, participated in event, killed Combibo Stalker with value 383 PED, placed second and won hoverpod and oil. Also sold some armor I looted few weeks ago for 150% on auction and got another 200 PEDs. What a nice day.

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