Friday, March 29, 2013

The unthinkable idea of Peezle Peez McPee

Peezle Peez McPee:

What if we did the unthinkable?

OK, I am treading on thin soil here, between progress and destruction.

So, nothing new for me in life, so I will venture to talk.

Now we have owners and mods and other people who oppose change. That's OK. I understand their fears but also ask here for them to suspend their judgment for a few minutes until I am done.

Now I love EU like many of you all and I don't claim to be better skilled, coined, or educated than any of you. But I usually am for most

This said, how about - hold this thought for a moment - we try to get control over the game we love?

Oh no, what the fuck is this guy on about? I am happy losing steadily and unfairly, so leave me to my fantasies.

I have fantasies too, but they are generally in the realm of realities. Such as:

#1 Given the amount of peds we load into this game, why is it such a crazy idea to pool those peds?

#2 Given our purchasing power of a group of gamers with ideas and talents and skills, why is it so mad that WE take this deal into our own hands.

#3 Given Mr MindArk loves money, we would give him all he needs or wants, and everyone could be happy.

#4 Given we have ourselves ( or people we can phone up ) skills that can turn this thing into the thing we always wanted it to be, why not try?

#5 Nobody loses. Not even those rich guys.

#6 *Fill the blank*

Just asking. I see it as a very real possibility, since we already spend each month enough to buy this foolish thing and, wait. AND, decide how it works and grows.

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