Friday, March 1, 2013

Moon Sale Details


A unique new estate management opportunity that combines Entropia Universe’s Planet Partner and Marketing Partner programs will be offered via auction by MindArk on March 21, 2013.

The winning bidder of that auction will assume management of an entire moon which has recently been discovered in deep space. The Moon Manager will work closely with the MindArk design team throughout the moon estate’s development process, with direct input on important design decisions.

The Moon Manager will share revenue with MindArk resulting from activity on the moon estate, as well revenue generated by participants recruited by the Moon Manager’s marketing efforts.

Moon Estate

The moon estate includes the following features:
  • A start room for new participants to become acquainted with the Entropia Universe user interface and basic gameplay.
  • A Lunar Command Center with teleporters, terminals, storage, auctioneers, quest NPCs, four (4) premium shops, and portals to the subsurface caverns.
  • Two (2) Lunar Habitats, each with 50 apartments and 5 shops. These apartments and shops are individual estates which can be traded to other Entropia Universe participants.
  • Eight (8) subsurface caverns filled with unique creatures and rare resources.
  • Four (4) unique creatures.
  • Four (4) hunting quest chains, one for each creature.
  • Mining within the subsurface caverns, including two (2) new mining resources, exclusive to the moon.

Revenue Sharing

Revenue generated through participant activity will be shared with the Moon Manager as follows:
  • Activity on the moon estate by participants recruited by Moon Manager: 35%
  • Activity on the moon estate by all other participants: 10%
  • Activity elsewhere within Entropia Universe by participants recruited by the Moon Manager: 25%


The auction for rights to manage the moon estate will begin on March 21 and end two weeks later, on April 4, 2013. The estate management deed will be listed on the Entropia Universe global auction with a starting bid of 1.5 million PED (150,000 USD).

Additional Information

Interested parties wanting more detailed information about the moon estate should contact MindArk at the following email address:

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