Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Moon Estate FAQ

Q: If I deposit funds and bid on the moon auction, will MindArk forego the withdrawal fee for unsuccessful bidders?
A: Yes. The withdrawal fee will be waived for all participants who make an individual deposit of at least $25,000 between March 1 and April 4, 2013. The withdrawal fee waiver will apply to an amount equal to the total deposit amount made during the fee waiver period.

Q: What about deposit fees?
A: MindArk recommends that parties interested in making large deposits into Entropia Universe use the bank transfer deposit method. The only fees associated with this deposit method are those charged by your own financial institution; MindArk charges no fee for deposits made via bank transfer.

Q: When is the moon estate expected to be released?
A: After the auction is completed, MindArk will contact the Moon Operator to discuss overall design aspects of the moon estate. Depending on the specific details from that discussion, the moon estate is expected to be released late in Q2 or in Q3 of 2013.

Q: Will it be possible to add additional features and/or expand the moon estate?
A: Yes. Further development of the moon estate beyond the initial specification is indeed possible, and can be proposed to the MindArk team once the auction is completed. Note that any such added features will be subject to MindArk approval, as well as additional development costs.

Q: Can the Moon Operator use its own team to develop the moon estate?
A: No. All initial and future development will be performed by MindArk.

Q: Will the Moon Operator be required to sign any agreements or documents?
A: Yes. The person holding the account of the Moon Operator will be required to sign MindArk’s standard Marketing Partner Agreement, the Moon Operator Agreement, and a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Q: How will revenue from the moon estate and marketing partnership be paid?
A: Revenue will be paid out monthly to the moon estate deed holder.

Q: Are the revenue share percentages negotiable?
A: No.

Q: Can the Moon Operator sell shares or deeds?
A: There will be a single deed for the moon estate. Group ownership or further revenue sharing will not be supported.

Q: Is the moon part of Calypso or any other Planet Partner?
A: No, the moon is its own territory, just as other planets.

Q: Where is the moon be located?
A: A mysterious wormhole was recently discovered in local space. Exploration of the other side of the wormhole revealed a strange, planetless moon. A space station is under construction that will stabilize the wormhole and allow travel between local space and the region of space on the other side of the wormhole, where the moon was discovered.

Q: Will there be a teleporter to or from the moon?
A: All access to and from the moon will be made via the wormhole space station, which will allow avatars to enter the wormhole, transporting them directly to the Lunar Command Center.

Q: Will the subsurface cavern areas have hunting and mining taxes?
A: There will be no hunting or mining taxes on the moon estate.

Q: How large will the subsurface caverns be?
A: Approximately 1.5 times the size of the asteroid space resort domes.

Q: How will mining work in the subsurface caverns?
A: The caverns will use the indoor mining logic system, which results in a lower search radius and larger finds.

Q: What size will the apartments be, and how many item points will they have?
A: Apartments will be medium-sized compared to existing apartments in Entropia, and will feature 150 item points.

Q: Will the moon creatures have their own loot items?
A: The loot from moon creatures will be a mixture of familiar items and resources and completely new items. Those new resources will be used for manufacturing other new items unique to the moon.

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