Sunday, March 31, 2013

EBN: The Egg Heist

Jermaine Johansson:
“You’re watching Entropia Breaking News. I’m your host, Jermaine Johansson.
Today’s top story: The Egg has been stolen. We go immediately to Treasure Island Castle, where CJ Weave is reporting live from the scene of the crime. CJ?”

CJ Weave: “Thanks, Jermaine. I am here at Treasure Island Castle with Xenobiologist Charles Marvin’s assistant, Dr. Wilson, as the Xenobiologist himself is too distraught to be interviewed. Dr. Wilson, we’ve all seen the shocking footage from the surveillance cameras. What can you tell us? Do you know what has happened to the Egg?”

Dr Wilson: “All we know is that it’s alive, and still on Calypso.The tracking signal is scrambled by some kind of interference, so we can’t pinpoint its exact location.”

Jermaine: “I’m going to have to cut you off there, CJ, as the studio is receiving a call from CDF Eudoria HQ. Hello? To whom am I speaking?”

Yevgeny de Souza: “This is the voice of CDF Ground Forces Commander, Brigadier General Yevgeny de Souza.

The CDF has analyzed the scene of the heist, and the surveillance video. The patterns of the electromagnetic interference in the video, coupled with a single piece of armor found at Treasure Island Castle, has lead us to the conclusion that we are in fact dealing with humanoid robots.”

Jermaine: “RX units?”

Yevgeny de Souza: “…
Do you know of any other kind of humanoid robots?
Calypso’s top virtuologists and robotologists are working day and night to find a way to track down-”

Charles Marvin: “Wilson, tell them about the incubator!”

Dr Wilson: “Uh... Yes, professor... When the thieves took the Egg, they broke the incubator holding it. The Egg must be retrieved, but if we don’t repair the incubator or make a new one, the Egg will still die.”

Charles Marvin: “You have to help us, commander! This is your fault! Remember what the governor said!”

Jermaine Johansson: “Are you still with us, commander?”

Yevgeny de Souza: “… Let’s talk about this in private, professor.”

Charles Marvin: “You must allocate manpower to get us the incubator parts! The Egg must be of even greater importance than we could have imagined. You must not let it die, commander!”

Yevgeny de Souza: “We don’t HAVE the manpower. We are already wasting resources by looking for the damn Egg. Calypso is facing an invasion of unprecedented scale, and you want me to-
Yes, sir. Understood. Will do.
Right. As the CDF can not spare the manpower to secure the incubator parts, the governor calls on all able-bodied colonists to help find them. Any colonists who hands in an incubator part will be rewarded by the CDF. The location at which the incubator parts can be handed in will be disclosed in the coming days.

Among the rewards will be... various armor parts that were reverse engineered by the CDF from the single piece of RX armor left behind at Treasure Island. The complete list of rewards will follow after this broadcast.”

CJ Weave: “Professor, how does one find an incubator part?”

Charles Marvin: “Incubator parts can be found when hunting, mining, or crafting. So manufacture one, dig one out of the ground, or kill someone or something and take theirs! It doesn’t matter, just get us the incubator parts!”

Yevgeny de Souza: “May I PLEASE finish now?
I have a war to win.

Experts are trying to figure out a way to find the RX, and the Egg. We don’t yet know why the RX broke the truce, nor why they are collaborating with the robots. Colonists are urged to remain vigilant, as the RX could be hiding among us. Any suspicious behavior should be reported to the CDF.
End transmission.”

Jermaine: “Well, there you have it, folks. Interesting stuff. Wouldn’t mind getting my hands on some of that RX armor myself. You’re probably going to attract a lot of accidental blue on blue in it though... !But you probably wouldn’t even notice it if you’re wearing that armor. Wow! Happy hunting!”

Rewards For Incubator Parts


Corrupt Fuel Pump Blueprint - 1000 PED !Metal Residue

Damaged Splicing Detector - Modified Genesis Star Excavator!
Damaged Feedback Panel - Adjusted Genesis Star Excavator
Damaged Fuel Pump - Adjusted Chikara Refiner

Worn Feedback Panel - RX OpTac x1 Foot Guards (M) or (F)
Worn Splicing Detector - RX OpTac x1 Helmet (M) or (F)
Worn Fuel Pump - RX OpTac x1 Shin Guards (M) or (F)
Mint Feedback Panel - RX OpTac x1 Thigh Guards (M) or (F)
Mint Splicing Detector - RX OpTac x1 Harness (M) or (F)
Mint Fuel Pump - RX OpTac x1 Arm Guards (M) or (F)

RX OpTac x1 Armor combat simulation test results

Durability - 4400
Penetration - 44
Impact - 47
Burn - 47
Cut - 11
Shrapnel - 21
Electric - 12

The CDF representative (to whom you hand in an incubator part to receive a reward) and his location will be disclosed at a later date. Those handing in Corrupt Fuel Pump Blueprints must contact support to receive their reward.

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