Wednesday, March 13, 2013

EBN: Attack repelled

Interview with CDF Ground Forces Commander at Treasure Island Castle

Jermaine the Anchorman: “You’re watching Entropia Breaking News. I’m your host, Jermaine Johansson.

A robot attack on Treasure Island, just days after Xenobiologist Charles Marvin announced the plan to hatch the Egg. We go immediately to Treasure Island Castle, where our reporter CJ Weave is joined by CDF Ground Forces Commander Yevgeny de Souza and Xenobiologist Charles Marvin.”

CJ Weave: “Thanks, Jermaine. Commander, a robot attack on Calypso soil, and the CDF was nowhere to be seen. What went wrong?”

Brigadier General Yevgeny de Souza: “First of all, we would like to thank the colonists who risked life and limb to repel the attack. That being said, it was simply the case of many small unfortunate events accumulating, resulting in the CDF arriving after the fighting was over. The CDF will review its protocols to make sure that nothing like this ever happens again. We don’t yet know why the robots attacked Treasure Island, of all places, but-

Xenobiologist Charles Marvin: “May I interject, commander? Thank you. It is painfully obvious that the robots want to destroy the Egg! How can you not see that? The Egg must be even more important than we originally thought. Commander, you MUST help us move the Egg to a safer location on Eudoria.”

Yevgeny de Souza: “That won’t be necessary, professor. Like I said: we don’t yet know why the robots attacked Treasure Island Castle. CDF operatives are investigating this as we speak. In the meantime, significant CDF assets will be relocated so as to ensure a quicker response to any future attacks on Treasure Island, or any other part of Ameth... era... Hey, what the hell is going on over there?!”

CDF soldier 1: “Let go of me! You don’t know what you’re doing! Listen to me, THE RX TOLD-”

CDF soldier 2: “Sir! We found Private Duplantier wiring explosives to the Egg incubator. He kept babbling about the RX units and some new weapon that the robots-”

Yevgeny de Souza: “Shut your mouth, corporal. You, cut the feed. NOW!”

Jermaine: ”CJ?

It appears that we have, once again, lost the feed from Treasure Island Castle.


Enjoy these messages from our sponsor, the Omegaton corporation.”

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