Saturday, January 5, 2013

Player's Notes vol 1 part 2 - Hunting Loot Mechanics

It seems fairly certain now that the min/max loots and the 3.5x multiplier are in play.

Many posts here are right that there could be more factors behind the scene at work (and i imagine there is as well), but in the end, all we see is the min/max range and so that's all that really matters for us (the players), and all that we need to work with..

Also, I intended this post (a bit) to be somewhat addressed to Mindark as well as the players, in an effort to give some feedback to what we see and experience from our end.. I originally had posted this thread in the Dev's corner but was moved by the Mods.. It wasn't only about how we experience the system but also tried to highlight some possible problem areas in returns (missing multipliers) as well as the overall psychological experience of the hunt in general ( min/max loots, almost all losing loots, being over 90% of what we loot)

So, assuming that we do indeed have these min/max and multiplier barriers, what can that tell us?

Well I had some thoughts:

Is the Min/Max range a constant?

Using the min/max ranges we might be able to test a few things..

Weapon types and loot returns - Do all weapon types (laser,blp. mf, melee, rockets etc.) all produce identical min/max values?

In other words, Do I, as a laser handgun user have the same min/max loot values as a mf user? or a rocket user?

This could be interesting to verify...

A friend of mine reported to me (after these notes) that he had been hunting argo young and that the highest loot in min/max range he received was 1.24 peds.. this seemed a tad high to me, but here's the catch: He is a MF hunter,, so the next question is: Can anyone else, using laser/blp etc also record a 1.24 ped loot on argo young? or are the more eco weapon types have a slightly lower max range?

this could be very easy to test..

Does the amount of HP a mob regens affect the min/max range?

Much harder to test, but still possible using the min/max values, would be the element of regen.. if a mob was allowed to regen, would it still only produce min/max value loots or would it possibly shift higher (to compensate for regeneration)

To note, I personally have never been a big believer of either of these theories, but never discounted their possibility of existing either.. the min/max range loots could offer us a good standard to test these things against..

It still seems very certain that 1.5x - 3.5x multipliers do not exist in hunting..

But the min/max values i believe deserve a closer look now because they might have the ability to help us test some things..

Stefan 008 Bond

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