Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Look cool and unique – Trading lesson 1

If you want to be a trader in Entropia Universe or actually if you want people to remember your avatar the most important thing is the outfit. Usually traders and most of the uber players buy fancy and very expensive clothes. So I was thinking how to make my avatar more unique and I bought the most unique armor in Entropia Universe at the moment (In My Honest Opinion) – Turrelion Armor. It is designed by Planet Cyrene, doesn’t offer much protection but looks very cool and is cheap. TT price is just 15,40 PED for the set and with MU I bought it for like 100 PED may be even less. Also it is important to have something unique in your hand so I bought nice looking axe (my avatar name is AxeMurderer) from Rocktropia for 100% MU and I am ready to go to Twin Peaks and start buying resources. And since the last update from yesterday and VU 14 there is no more tax when you switch armor, but there is still tax when you switch clothes. This is how I am looking in this Turrelion armor with Infernal Trident in my hand before the avatar update and VU 14:

VU 14 also comes with better avatars and free change of the avatar look for everyone. And because of some bugs next week we will have another free change of how avatars look. So I will have the chance to make my avatar more unique and when they introduce the scars and tattoos may be even place some of those on my avatar’s face. And this is how I look after VU 14 and you can also see some other traders in Twin Peaks behind me.

Next step is to think of what price should I offer for different resources. But this you can read in my next Trading log.

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