Saturday, November 3, 2012

CLD Sale Update

Due to the enormous demand for the Calypso Land Deeds that MindArk has been offering for 1150 PED over the past several days, many participants have found it difficult to obtain Deeds through the global auction. To improve this sitauation and give as many participants as possible the chance to acquire at least one Calypso Land Deed, MindArk has decided to reserve 1000 of the available CLDs for sale exclusively via direct player-to-player trade with an official MindArk avatar.

  • James Bowerbird Estatebroker will be online in Twin Peaks on Planet Calypso starting at 1700 CET (11:00 am EST) on Sunday, November 4, and again at 0500 CET (11:00 pm EST) on Monday, November 5.
  • Five hundred (500) deeds will be available for each session.
  • Each avatar will be allowed to buy a maximum of two (2) Calypso Land Deeds via direct P2P trade, at the price of 1150 PED each. First come, first served.
  • Deeds purchased via the global auction will of course not count toward this limit.
  • Please have patience and common courtesy when initiating trade requests with James Bowerbird Estatebroker.
  • Any participants found attempting to purchase more than the permitted two (2) Calypso Land Deeds or to otherwise disrupt or abuse this offer will be subject to sanctions against their Entropia Universe account, including possible account bans. Any CLDs acquired in such a manner will be subject to transaction reversal.
  • Additional Calypso Land Deeds of the remaining 5000 not reserved for firect P2P trade will continue to be offered on the Entropia Universe global auction over the weekend and into next week.

Have a great weekend, and thanks for supporting Entropia Universe!

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