Friday, October 12, 2012

The Imperial Zoological Scouts are sponsoring an Primordial Longu Iron Challenge

Important Public Announcement!

Due to recent events, the Imperial Zoological Scouts have decided to ask the population of Calypso for assistance. As you may already know, rumors circulate about strange beasts appearing in the wilderness. This is actually not far from the truth.

These “beasts” are in fact long since extinct ancestors of the Longuxenosoid, brought back to life in a now shut down laboratory, using illegal cloning technology. When this laboratory was shut down, a large number of these Primordial Longu´s escaped confinement. This is a major environmental disaster, as those animals have no natural enemies.

In an effort to learn more about this addition to the contemporary fauna, IZooS will offer rewards to colonists for handing over the following skeletal parts:
• Primordial Longu Claw
• Primordial Longu Spike

To reduce the amount of escaped animals, the Imperial Zoological Scouts are also sponsoring an Iron Challenge, hosted by the Calypso Firearms Association. This Iron Challenge is available through CFA Official Victor Kindari.

The event will last until midnight Monday 22st October 00:01 UTC, at which point the rewards will be handed out.

The rewards will include some of the newly discovered weapons as well as a few surprises.

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