Friday, August 17, 2012

How to play when you are low on PEDs 1 in Entropia Universe

It is feasible to play this game on small budgets, however, you DO need to find the sort of time-sink which will allow you to occupy yourself when you are low on PED.

Now on to the things you can do for zero PED:
- Sweating is the age-old and accepted way to gather some skills while harvesting a saleable resource in Entropia. It can also get you into more social circles, help you meet new people in the same position as you, etc.

- Gathering resources is another option if crowds annoy you and loads of green dots cause your computer to grind to a halt. This involves just walking about and paying attention to the ground and scenery to notice when various types of fruit, stones, or dung appear on your screen.

The market for fruit is a little flat at the moment, but stones sell well for textures. Dung has always been fairly worthless in terms of markup.

- Collect the Teleporters!
Dying is free in Entropia, and sometimes dying close enough to where you want to go is in fact the fastest way there. Collect Teleporters (see so that you can jump around the maps faster later to hook up with friends etc.

This simple project will take far longer than you imagine, and can be done for free. You need to be careful in many cases and you may need to try and find ways round aggressive monsters on your trips, and you may find that some places you cannot reach, or can reach but cannot leave... All of this is quite educational and interesting and you'll get to see loads of new scenery.... And if you get totally unable to leave an outpost, there's an entire society you can ask for help and they'll come fetch you.

- Talk to other people - often easily able to be done while sweating for example, but also in social hub places like Port Atlantis and so on, you can start conversations with people if you'd like to chat in general.

I'm sure others will have other ideas for you as well, but that's a start.
Oh, and if you can get a decent mentor, that will probably help you immensely too.

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