Tuesday, August 14, 2012

EU Account Security Tips

Entropia Universe Account Security Tips

Recently there has been an increase in attempts by unscrupulous individuals to gain unauthorized access to Entropia Universe user accounts. Our support team is working diligently to permanently ban all avatar accounts and associated IP addresses that have been used to solicit account log-in information from legitimate participants, or who have been spamming links to phishing sites through the Entropia Universe private messaging system.

To assist us in providing the highest level of account security, MindArk strongly urges all participants to take a few moments to carefully review and employ the following security tips. Following the advice in these security tips will help greatly in preventing dishonest individuals from gaining unauthorized access to your Entropia Universe account.

Protect your account password very carefully and do not share it with anyone. MindArk and Planet Partner officials will NEVER ask for your account password.

It is also a good idea to use a totally unique password for your Entropia Universe account that you do not use for any other web site or online service. This will help protect your Entropia Universe account in cases where one of those other accounts becomes compromised.


When logging in to your Entropia Universe account on the web, always be certain that you are doing so from the official www.entropiauniverse.com domain, or from one of the official Planet Partner domains listed below.
  • planetcalypso.com
  • rocktropia.com
  • nextisland.com
  • planetarkadia.com
  • planetcyrene.com

NEVER attempt to log in to your Entropia Universe account from any other web site or domain, or you may risk becoming a victim of account phishing, which will allow dishonest individuals to record your log-in credentials and gain unauthorized access to your account.

Most modern web browsers include a feature which highlights in bold the actual domain being visited in the address bar. This feature helps users see more clearly which domain they are currently visiting and thereby avoid phishing sites. It is a good idea to double-check the browser address bar before entering your Entropia Universe log-in information on any web site, to be sure that you are submitting your credentials to one of the official domains listed above.

MindArk offers participants a very powerful security system for protecting their Entropia Universe accounts- the Gold Card Security System.

Without question, the Gold Card Security System is the most reliable way of protecting your valuable Entropia Universe account.

MindArk strongly urges all participants to use the Gold Card Security System, and even offers free Gold Cards to all participants who deposit 5000 PED or more.

Be sure to have an updated anti-virus program installed on the computer that you use to access Entropia Universe. Doing so will help protect your account details and log-in credentials from being recorded by keyloggers and other malicious programs that can compromise the security of your Entropia Universe account.

Avoid logging in to your Entropia Universe account from public computers or from public networks, especially if your account does not make use of the Gold Card Security System.

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