Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Arkadia Fashion Stars - Mr and Mrs Arkadia 2012

Wile Next Island has some hard time some other planets are doing great. Arkadia will have fashion event soon. And when people have time and money for style that means the economy is blooming.

Here is the message from Max EJ:

Hello Entropians from all over the universe!

Arkadia team and Arkadia advisors is happy to present you:
The first annual Arkadia Fashion Stars event in which a Mr. and Mrs. Arkadia will be elected as top fashion models of 2012.

The event will be held on Arkadia at the Celeste Military HQ catwalk on Saturday July 28, 1800MA time.

To register post your avatar name in this thread and fill in this form.
Be sure to register in the thread and fill the form to ensure your place in the competition.

Each participant will get a chance to show himself in three different rounds:

Round 1 - Dress Clothes (max. one armor part)
Round 2 - Armor & Clothes (min. four armor parts).
Round 3 - Casual/beach/underwear (max. one armor part)

All clothing/armor items available in game are allowed to be used
The use of weapons/ME chips/Tools etc. is prohibited (we are holding a fashion show, not a show show.)
The participants are obliged to download and install the entropialife client.

Each participant will score points for their outfit from a committee of judges.
Participants will be judged for overall outfit look, texture/color matching and for item use and originality.
At the end of the event all points will be calculated and the winners will be announced.
The Judges score sheets will be posted after the event.

Normandie radio will host the event so be sure to tune in

For the winners we prepared and acquired special prizes:

The first places will receive:
an Arkadia apartment deed
a gold Arkadia forum memberships
a special unique item Arkadia team made for the event.

The second places will receive:
a pair of Jeans, Sponsored by Freyr’s Fashion.
150 ped worth of EntropiaLife Credits.
In order to be ellagable to win the el. credits be sure you run the el, client.

The third places will receive:
a set of Arkadia cloth.

Now go and start preparing all your crazy outfits!
Arkadia team, Arkadia Advisors and the Judges wish you all luck and hope you will have fun.


The event is sponsored by:

-Freyr’s Fashion shops at Sanctuary Cove (Arkadia) & Twin Peaks Mall, Level 2 (Calypso). - download/install the entropia tracker client.
-Arkadia Forum -

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