Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Results from the inactive participants hunting event April 27-29

The exclusive hunting event for inactive participants was a resounding success: More than one thousand eager hunters accepted the invitation!

We hope that you had great fun and that you enjoyed being active in Entropia Universe once again.

In the invitation to the event, valuable prizes were promised to the three most successful hunters, with the winners determined by the three highest single loots on the following creatures: Daikiba, Tripudion, Caudatergus, Exarosaur.

Those winners are:
1st Place - $2000 Alienware Gift Card: Thorkell Wizze Viking- 455.5 points
2nd Place - $750 Alienware Gift Card: Lizzie PERKy Borden -104.1 points
3rd Place - $250 Alienware Gift Card: Andre Psychos Pereira -102.9 points

I would like to congratulate the winners and wish all of you very welcome back into the game again!

Kind regards,

Jan Welter Timkrans
Humble Creator of Entropia Universe

P.S. An exciting new planet has been added to Entropia Universe: Planet Cyrene, soft launched on May 1.

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