Monday, May 14, 2012

Planet Cyrene - Spear Mission

Ok then folks a departure from my normal posts as I am going to talk about planet Cyrene and in particular the mission to get a spear mk1 hoverbike. Very little information has been posted about this so i will tell you what i do know.

Yesterday (10th May 2012) I was hanging about at twin peaks when someone pulled up on a spear mk1, very nice looking machine an open hoverbike designed for 2 persons. After chatting with a couple of soc members i discovered that it is a Cyrene vehicle and could be obtained by completing a mission on cyrene.

Filled with excitement I jumped in my quad and flew (nearly ran out of fuel) to cyrene. On arrival another soc member advised that i go A.R.C. HQ tp and look for engineer ferguson, he is located at 1294 825, up the hill away from the main tp. When you talk to him he offers you a spear mk 1 in exchange for 10 light powercells. You are advised that these can be crafted at a construction machine.

Fergusson advises that you go and purchase a blue print(BP) for the power cells, easy so far. You also need to buy the BP book for cyrene (available from the trade terminal). Ok to craft the power cells you need to obtain Low Grade Power Supplies which you advised are available from the scout bots located just outside the base.


You are told that 8 low grade power supplies can be crafted in to 1 Light powercell. However if you have any experience in crafting(and i have very little) you will know that it is a tricky process and often ends in failure and the loss of your raw materials.

So the perfect crafted could probably craft 10 light power cells using 80-100 low grade power supplies, if you are as bad as me it might anywhere up to 800 low grade power supplies to craft the 10 Light power cells required.

This is only the first problem.

There are no bots outside the base, they are scattered all over cyrene and they dont frequently drop the low grade power cells when you destroy them. Add to this very bad glitching and annoying noises when you are hunting them and the whole process becomes a literal headache.

Now you could purchase the low grade powercells from auction but they currently cost 118 ped for 60 so thats around 160 ped for 80 and considerably more if the crafting process is continually unsuccessful.

The alternative is to hunt the bots till they drop the low grade cells but one of my soc members killed over 200 bots and sometimes they dropped no cells, in the end i think he got 32 cells from a 200 kills. The rest of their loot is rubbish so no gain there.

So my advice is stay away from the mission unless you want to burn a load of ped on a vehicle which looks cool but i am advised has rubbish stats, it will only take 22-24 hits b4 it is worn out(i dont know if that means you can repair it after that or if it totally broken)

Anyway this is just what i have observed and with all my posts please feel free to disagree, comment or add your own info, as i said before i only started this thread as i couldnt find any other info about it on the forum.

GL to you all

Charley Moondog 1969 11th May 2012

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  1. No... Scout Bots do drop the Low Grade Power Cells!

    There are two decent spawns of scout bots, but the success loot comes in waves. So for between 4 to 10 mins in every hour you will loot one 'Low Grade Power Cell' from every kill. When they stop dropping you rest for 30 minutes. Then TT grind until they stop dropping again. Then you kill em as hard and as fast as you can.


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