Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lootable Calypso Land Deeds Information

As announced in the press release made earlier today, $100,000 worth of Calypso Land Deeds will be added to Planet Calypso loots starting on May 16th, and distributed throughout the rest of 2012.

Each of the 1000 deeds is paired with a unique numbered token item that will trigger a discovery global chat message when looted. To redeem a discovered token for a Calypso Land Deed, place the token in your avatar’s storage and submit a support case on the Planet Calypso official website and request that the token be exchanged.

Deeds will be distributed as follows:
Hunting loots - 400 deeds, available starting on May 16.
Mining loots - 200 deeds, available starting on May 21.
Crafting loots - 240 deeds, available after June 5th.
Event prizes - 160 deeds, distributed during special events throughout 2012.
For hunting, each and every creature and robot type found on Planet Calypso (including Crystal Palace and F.O.M.A) has been assigned one or more of the special numbered Calypso Land Deed tokens, giving participants of all skill levels the chance to loot a Calypso Land Deed.

The CLD tokens allocated to mining can be discovered while mining anywhere on Eudoria, Amethera or F.O.M.A, and will become available starting on May 21.

The CLD tokens allocated to crafting will become available after June 5.

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