Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Idea for farming on CLD land

A little idea for a system in which we could farm on our CLD plots when the plots are implimented. What would be cool is if each plot came with a little terminal. This terminal would serve 2 functions: 1) it would be where we place the seeds to be planted. multiple types of plants would be cool, but I was thinking primarily fruit trees; maybe 5-10 spaces per plot. 2) it would be where we can buy the seeds from MA. We may as well just make it as simple as possible and create a separate terminal where we can buy seeds directly from MA for TT value. Each fruit tree seed would be 0.25PED. So, if we say each land plot has 10 spaces then it would cost 2.5PED to fill it out.

However, you wouldn't be able to plant the seed directly after buying it. Seeds not only need soil and sunlight, but also water to grow. To help stimulate the sweat market a little MA could make it so that before being able to plant your seed you would need to refine it with 1k sweat to create a "fertilized seed".

After that you plant the seed in the terminal. The seed would take some time to grow, maybe 4 weeks to fully mature, during which time the plant would go through stages like seedling, young plant, etc. You would have the option of watering the seeds with additional sweat using the terminal to speed up the process. 1k sweat would maybe cut off 3 days from the growing period. When fully grown the fruit tree would produce 25 fruits that each had a TT value of 0.01PED which would add up to the TT value of the seed. At this point you could either choose to leave the tree alone and let it serve as decoration on your land, or you could choose to harvest the fruits after which the tree would die and you would have to plant another.

Having the tree produce fruit that equaled the TT value of the seed would ensure that CLD owners wouldn't loose ped from farming, unless you bought the sweat of course, and making the tree die right away and not produce further fruit would ensure that MA didn't loose any money. Basically you would be trading 25 pec + a little sweat for 25 fruits or a cool little tree by the end of the growing period. Also, farming can be fun and relaxing sometimes for some people. The fruit itself would also be useful. You would be able to refine 1 fruit with 100 sweat to produce 1 health drink that kept the original 0.01TT value of the fruit. Health drinks would be consumable items that would heal you 10-20 HP. So, that would be 10-20 HP for 0.01 TT value. Or perhaps the drinks could even do other things like raise defense or attack power for a short period of time. Maybe different plants could do different things so farmers would have to watch trends and plant what crops were in demand. With the fruits having this use the CLD farmers could possibly make some extra PED by selling the drinks for a small MU. In this way CLD plots would really become useful for the CLD investors and would also help the sweat market alittle so that newer players would have a better time beginning the game.

If done correctly MA would loose no money from this idea; CLD owners would feel that their investment paid off a little more and would be able to use their investment to create a little extra revenue along with the weekly payout; It would help stimulate the sweat market a little to improve new player retention and help new players get a better feel for the game before deciding that they want to deposit; By increasing new player retention it would hopefully also increase the amount of depositors we have in the game because of people not quiting right away; so in the long run MA would possibly make more money from this idea.

If you chose to build a house on your land by having a 3x3 plot then the terminals would disappear of course.

If you wanted to turn farming into a "proffession" with "proffession skill levels" then there is also more that you could do with it. The skill in the farming proffession could influence the number of available spaces you have on your plot to plant seeds in, the type of seeds that you can plant, and the success rate of creating a "fertilized seed" through refining 1k sweat + 1 seed.

You could start out with, lets say 5 spaces on your plot, and then gain 5 spaces every 10 proffession levels. So, at lvl 10 farming proffession you'd have 10 available spaces; lvl 20 you'd have 15; lvl 30 you'd have 20; and so on.

MA could create different seeds that made different plants that had different affects when their fruit was made into consumable drinks. Such as a health plant, defense plant, attack plant, concentration plant, etc. At first you would be able to use 1 type of seed and then every 10 proffession levels you would be able to use higher leveled types of seeds. Much like how you can use different types of paint at higher levels of the painting proffession. So, for example, at lvl 0 you could use a type of plant that made a concentration drink; at lvl 10 you could use one that made a health drink; at lvl 20 you could use one that made an attack drink; and so on.

As for success rate; at the begining of being able to use each type of plant you would have a base 50% success rate for refining the fruit into a "fertilzied seed" and then every proffession level you would get an increase of 5%. So at level 0 you would have a 50% success rate to create a fertilized seed for a concentration plant; at level 1 you would have 55%; at level 2 you would have 60%; and so on until you reached 100% at level 10 which would be the max of each seed type. At this point you would gain the ability to use the second seed type. So, you would have 100% success rate on the first seed type and 50% success rate on the second seed type and increase 5% on the second seed type until level 20 when it would also become 100%. You would gain farming xp by refining seeds, planting seeds, watering seeds with sweat, and harvesting seeds.


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