Monday, January 16, 2012

Travel cheap to Planet Cyrene when it launches

If you want to go to planet Cyrene when it launches here is cheap offer from John Black Knight to do it just for 5 PEDs with Aniara Class Mothership "Normandie":

Presign on the Normandie your relocation or exploration flight towards and from Cyrene !
Everyone who prebooks a cyreneflight posting in this thread and meets me ingame to pay in advance, will be carried over on our regular scheduled flights for just 5 Ped per flight !!!
The Cyrene flights will take place between 20.00ma and 23.30ma and will be added to the current weekly schedules to all other planets - schedules will be posted soon.
This offer is valid for the first week after cyrenes release, afterwards the normal transport fee of 20Ped oneway or 30 Ped with backflight on the same day applies.
For those who signed the 100Ped monthly subscription fee working in crew rank repairing the ship when onboard, or the 200Ped vip passenger subscription Cyreneflights will belong to the freetravel package like all of our flights.
Come and register to the Normandies special cyreneflightlist and travel there cheaper, faster and safer then anywhere else ! If you are on the list with a number of prebooked flights you can fly up to the ship and request access to any of the to be scheduled cyrene flights when it fits you during the first week after cyrenes launch.
For those missing an own shuttle, there will be a gathering point at Athena Spaceport from which shuttles can be rented to fly up for an additional 2 Ped per shuttle (you can share shuttles to lower that price to 1 ped if you trust the person flying).
For those who bought a monthly subscription summoning to the ship is avaiable on all flights.

All further info on the Normandie can be found on

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