Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Profitable mining in Entropia Universe

I found interesting offer on Planet Calypso Forum for experienced miners that loose a lot of PEDs and want to change that. Too bad you have to be over level 30 in mining professions to take the offer and I am lower than that. There is no garantee that you will make profit following that offer, but at least it shows that someone believe it is possible. Here is what Divinity offer if someone is interested:

Profit Mining : Lesson 101 ( MU+bankroll = profit)
Hello Guys,
Disclaimer : This offer is primarily aimed at those who are in a constant state of ped drain.
I will keep it short and sweet.
Objective : Profit for both yourself and myself. You ask how. Here's how
Lesson 1 : There is no other truth to mining then , yes you guessed it right , MarkUP. If there is anything else one needs to know , is mine based on your bankroll and there is noone that can stop you from coming on top.
So the question is what do i have to offer. Right?
Well, what i have to offer is tell you exactly how to get that MU ( where and what).
A few facts : What if i told you , you can hit 100% energized claims, 95% + pyrite claims , 90%+ solis claims ( % being the exclusivity with which you can get the ore/enmatter) etc etc.
Does it sound like a bluff, well it is not. As i have done it and can show you exactly how.
My Motivation You Ask : There arent any free lunches in this world , are there? Well, being a crafter what would a crafter like? Yes, reduced prices on the high MU stuff  .
You guessed it right. It works both ways. The benefit has to be mutual to work well.
Lets get down to the details , shall we?
Requirement :
1. Level 30 in pros/surv : Maxed tk320 basically is a requirement.
2. Bankroll of 5-10k peds : Yes, you will need to actually show me you have that sort of peds ( I am not looking for un amped miners)
3. Agreement based on predefined % : You will be selling all the stuff to me at a discount of course , but the discounted price will be high enough for you to make good margins as well.
4. No Of People : I will only work with a group of 5 persons whom i will select based on my interaction with the individuals.
5. Experience : If you are already doing well with things the way you are, then i don't think it would make sense and hence i request those who profit already to skip the offer
6. Hof/Global Fetish : If you have one of those, please skip over as we dont have the same line of thought at all. If Foma makes you happy, then we are on opposite horizons and as such i cannot give you what you want.
At the moment that's all i can think of, I will add later if something more pops out of my head.
Best Regards,

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