Sunday, December 25, 2011

Planet Cyrene comming in the next 3 monts

From the first unofficial trailer preview of Planet Cyrene made by Ed Robles the creative director of Planet Cyrene and owner of Digital Scryers we can see that planet Cyrene will be released in the first quarter of year 2012. The video is short, but long enougth to see what we can expect from Panet Cyrene - cool armors, rich environment, interesting cities and kick-ass creatures.
The official trailer video is done by a real pro named Mr. Rod and it will be much more detailed/pro, followed by an extensive ad campaign and marketing. In this video you cannot see the new gameplay systems as well as all the great custom interactions Cyrene team have made with the existing systems provided. As time gets closer and closer, Mindark has been revealing new and revised systems. These are the systems that Digital Scryers needed to launch and get Cyrene where they wanted it to be at launch. EU as a platform will become more amazing for all Planet Partners as they pick and choose what systems they decide to focus on (thereby separating the planets even more but keep within the same platform). Exciting times are ahead! This video was made for all the fans who have been keeping up with Cyrene (as Ed promised to keep them informed along the way with sneak peeks and behind the scenes previews).

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