Thursday, December 29, 2011

Man Spends USD 16000 On Virtual Sword

Age of Wulin is a free-to-play MMORPG that takes players back into ancient Chinese history, where they will be immersed in traditional daily life during a period when martial arts culture was at its peak. Instead of a linear level system, players can develop their character by obtaining skills through the game’s dynamic armed and unarmed combat system, which combines a variety of martial arts such as Shaolin kung-fu,Tai Chi and ancient Chinese philosophies such as acupuncture and inner meridians. Age of Wulin also takes place in a beautiful 3D world with high quality graphics and deep engaging game play.
This man is holding an image of a sword that doesn't exist in real life. In fact, it doesn't even really exist on a virtual world—he paid $16,000 for a game sword that he can't play yet.
He got the virtual sword at an auction to celebrate the launch of a highly anticipated game called Age of Wulin. Set in ancient China, the players would be able to ramble through a beautifully detailed world crouching the tiger and hiding the dragon. Other items sold include a sheath for Hook of Departure—sold for $1,600—and a Lordly Spear Sheath—sold for $2,500.
It's going to be released in China soon, but it will not be available in English until Spring 2012.

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