Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Promoter Rating, Reputation and Land Lot Deeds

How can I combine those 3 in one sentance? First they all start with value of 1000 and second if we forget about the ROI, the land grab and the voting - the Land Lot Deeds will act like Planet Reputation Skill. And not hidden one.
Every planet will start with reputation 1000 PED per deed and if they perform good reputation will rise, if they perform bad reputation will drop. One day you will have to look at the MU of every planet deeds and see wchich planet perform best or worst.
Or with other words deeds will be the Dow Jones of a planet.

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  1. I'll concede the deed system will indicate to some extent the popularity or at least trust and believe in potential return. However, exciting as the proposition is, the deed system is not an investment, you'll have no way to recoup the capital investment or be sure that the deed will be honoured. How long will the deed last, can MA force buyback will they just be deleted from the inventory one day and promised to return in a few years time? Could it be great? sure, but it's not an investment. I'll be exploring the new deed system on my blog.


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