Friday, October 7, 2011

Progress through diversity

I was hunting Maffoid yesterday with a friend near fort Ares and was very lucky. We looted Isis CB5, Tiger Tights Guards (M, L) and FAP-28. I was dropping few bombs during the hunt and with the second drop I got two claims and one was 70 PED Belkar Stone global. I used my finder F-102 and just before that hunt I maxed F-103.
But this is not what surprised me the most. For months I was using BLP and Laser guns. Even with the recently maxed Isis LR32 (L) I was gaining very little skills. In this hunt I used First Gen Electric Attack Chip IV (UL) that I maxed long time ago and I have the skills to use even more powerful mind force chips. So I wasn’t in the SIB (skill increase bonus) zone. The surprise was how many skills I gained in that hunt. My chat window was half green will skill gain messages. I gained one more level in 4-5 different professions.
This will change my strategy to specialize in one profession and I will try to use different types of weapons and profession to progress faster in Entropia Universe.

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