Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Beladcom and Mindark Announce Exclusive Partnership

Beladcom and Mindark Announce Exclusive Partnership at The World Economic Forum

Amman, Jordan – 26th of October 2011 – Beladcom, a Jordanian game developer that has distinguished itself as a regional pioneer in the industry, recently finalized its exclusive partnership agreement with Swedish software company MindArk for the Middle East, North Africa (MENA) region. The announcement was made at the World Economic Forum, which took place at the Dead Sea, Jordan, from the 21st to the 23 rd of October.
The announcement strengthens the strategic partnership that is expected to have a major impact on
gaming and internet services development in the Middle East, North Africa (MENA) region.
“There are 100 million Arab internet users in the Middle East and North Africa,” commented Beladcom
General Manager Talal Asfoura. “This represents a huge number of potential gamers. With our partners at
MindArk, we will be the first to introduce MMO gaming content specifically developed with this market
in mind. We are highly committed to enriching the world of Arabic online content".
“Beladcom is an innovative company that is on the leading edge of the online revolution sweeping the
MENA region,” remarked MindArk’s Chief Executive Officer, David Simmonds. “There is no doubt that
Beladcom is the ideal partner for bringing MindArk's internet  technology to Arab gaming enthusiasts,
and signing the exclusivity agreement represents an important step towards realizing this goal. The added
prominence of having the official announcement made at the World Economic Forum certainly makes this
a memorable event in our company’s history.”
Beladcom's innovative work in game development in Jordan – a country strategically located in the
MENA region - places the company in a leading role developing Arabic-language gaming services, social
media, and E-commerce solutions. The partnership with MindArk is expected to further enhance the
capabilities of Beladcom’s staff by opening channels of knowledge exchange between the Swedish and
Jordanian teams. As noted at the World Economic Forum, the partnership also brings benefits to Jordan’s
flourishing information and technology sector by providing local Jordanian talent the opportunity to work
on a cutting-edge global project.
And now we know the name of the Planet - Planet Toulan.

About Beladcom
Beladcom is a Jordanian-founded game developer committed to bring about a transformation in the
regional gaming landscape by developing high quality content that is both entertaining and culturally
relevant. The company is manned by a team of high-caliber designers and developers who have a deep
passion for the boundless capabilities present in the world of online multiplayer gaming and who seek to
deliver robust gaming experiences that combine cutting-edge technologies with superior content.

About MindArk
The Swedish company MindArk PE AB has been developing 3D internet services, online gaming, social
media and virtual economy solutions since 1998.
Over the past 15 years, MindArk PE AB has created and developed one of the most advanced runtime 3D
solutions in the world using advanced network technology in a secure entertainment and business

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